Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thai BBQ Plaza

Quite some time didn't update my blog.. As someone is bugging me for the latest update... Busy like a bee after my senior resigned.. I bet I have some time for my blogging too..I'm going to share with u this famous Thai BBQ Plaza.

In occasion of my 2nd sis birthday, we headed to Pyramid shopping complex as early as 730pm but too bad, we have to queue almost 30 min for a table.. I dunno what is so good about this food... but i guess weekend mostly ppl hook for nice food.

This shop offering BBQ platter where by can fry your own food. Meats are sliced into fine thin pieces so that easy to cook. Before we're able to fry onto platter and also to avoid sticker platter, you need to use pork lark as oil based to rub on the platter surface. You also have the other option where by make it as steamboat cook vegetable into chicken soup..I find a lot different while eating this..U will enjoy it coz it's DIY... Erm can i say play while you eat? Lolz... =P Let go on the pictures in details.. Price it's reasonable.. value for money and suitable for family size.

Thai BBQ plaza- lots of people waiting

BBQ + Steamboat Platter - 2 in 1

Pork Deluxe Supreme Set RM39.90

Seafood Deluxe Supreme Set - RM39.90

Garlic Rice - RM2.50

Fried Bacon - RM7.90

Fried + Steam = DIY

Family enjoying food =P

So big.. If I ever can finish it.. @@