Monday, April 26, 2010

Bak kut Teh - Port Dickson

After beach, next morning I had bak kut teh for breakfast. My friend is wondering is there any Bak Kut Teh in Port Dickson... We been looking all over the place until we came to this small kopitiam shop that serve this food. Is that good as in Klang??  We ordered 1 soup and 1 dry claypot bak kut teh just enough for us to eat. Soup is slightly lighter smell compare to KL, perhaps they used different herbs and spices into it. After tasted it's not bad, but I would said Klang it's the best with thick dark soup. They served only white rice with fried onions. Heavy breakfast bak kut teh for the day... lolz
Bak kut teh - RM8.90 (1 person)

Mixed meat - hot boiling

Dry bak ku teh - RM8.90 (1 person)

Mixed meat - hot boiling

white rice served together with bak kut teh

Teh tarik - RM1.05 (cheap)

Kopi-O - RM1.05 (cheap)