Monday, April 26, 2010

Sepang Gold Coast - part 2

On the way from Port Dickson, I dropped by to Sepang Gold Coast again, to check how's the progress work construction took place... Still work progress is going on I would it's about 60% complete.. but some other parts are ready whereby you can have picnic with families. I stepped down from car, take photos, I can't help myself with nice scenery, i'm exposing myself under hot sun burning. Sea water it's currently low tight, local ppl taking this opportunity playing sand castle and collecting sea shells. Some villagers digging shells to sell in local markets. I'm planning to come back for picnic soon .... 
Sea water, low tight

Chalets still under constructions

New picnic place setup

Re-planting back tress for green nature

Shed for resting

White sand on beach

BBQ slot for picnics

Just a photo under hot sun

On the shore