Friday, April 30, 2010

SQC Ricky Farewell Lunch

After Lim left us, another person that is very close with us is leaving us again, this is called life. There will be always people in and out all the time. Sad he will not be joining us, i'm happy for him that he will moving on with his new career advancement. His dream to set up his own business finally come true in his life. I wish him all best in his career.

Our special guest for lunch today, guess who? yeah.. that's right Lim. So happy to meet him back. He is doing good in his new company. We planning to have fast food this round.. At first we planned to have A&W then we changed to KFC in Giant hypermarket, Kelana Jaya coz it's nearer to office.  Simple lunch and we had a lots of fun together...

Ricky busy arranging table

time for food

Anything that is nice?

What food u want order?

What u guys talking about?

Makan makan time

Finger licking good!

Special guest of da day!

Eli one smile!

Post, post & post!

yeah, peace, Ricky!