Tuesday, April 27, 2010

World Earth Day


Last week Thu reminds me of World Earth Day. I'm taking  effort so do something for the earth. I'm helping out to support "NO PLASTIC BAGS" when going for shopping. I always forget to bring recycle bags to local hypermarket on the selected campaign days ended up I tend to blame people on charging additional RM0.20 per plastic bag...

Now NO MORE!! I can said bye bye to plastic bags coz I made first step to change.. Last week back home, I saw this little attractive recycle bags hanging in the kitchen that reminds me "save earth, go green", quickly i took the bag n chuck into my car, so that I will never forget to bring along when shopping. It's always never too late to start if you have the passion in saving earth, as we must do our part to save the earth.

Have u too?? Start now... HAPPY WORLD EARTH DAY!!