Saturday, April 17, 2010

Melisa birthday - Apr Baby

 After back from heavy dinner.. we have another round of dessert. Guess what.. time to blow cake for my younger 2nd sis.. This time my turn to order cake from Thyme Baker nearby my office. I'm so absolutely disappointing with assistant sales baker.. I ordered white cake with durian design as shown in photos, I pointed i wanted this design, and agreed by sales girl. After work, I collected the cake and i requested to open so that I can have final check before paying money. My face turn upset, I'm so shocked with cake that is green instead of white color. Serioulsy it's like DURIAN CAKE... LMAO. I requested for a change.. n the girl telling me that I can't change... She is giving me the cranky face. Is that i'm doing wrong? I just wondering.. I followed the photo that you posted in the album, and yet you're giving me the color..horrible act... sighs..

This cake I ordered.. really like Durian shape @@

 Da birthday girl =P

Lolz.. Birthday posting =P

It's not bad after all greenly cake?

Fine & soft texture, 750g cake

Her post in cutting cake

I'm just afraid the cake it's NOT nice for my sis birthday.. but thank god.. she loves it.... Phew~ What a relief that I have... (^.^) I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to you, may your wish and dreams will come true.. ps ps.. Green cake.. =P