Friday, April 23, 2010

Winner of #MapleSEA Twitter Contest Winners - Week 1

First time ever I joined online gaming contest, so I want to participate myself for some fun. At first, I have no idea how to use TWITTER, which I created my login account about 1 year ago. I try in many ways, I asked people around doing some research on how to use twitter. After that, I only start joining it. I find it very difficult to tweet coz busy with working life.

I read a lots of forum and articles, there is a away for me to synchronize in tweeter message. But I dunno how it work,  I check with my friend Marc, about auto synchronize tweeter message. He introduced me HootSuite so i no need to worry about my posting. Another challenge is I have to think "most creative message" gosh.. cracking my head...

Thanks to Marc & Thanks to AsiaSoft, Nexon & Wizet #MapleSEA.. my handwork pays off.. I won this contest with a doll, it's not about the prize.. but it's something that statisfy on my work... lolz =P Ok, i'm going to add more oil. .to join more contest in future..

Winner of #MapleSEA Twitter Contest Winners - Week 1

Large orange mushroom plushie arrived from SG

My large orange mushroom plushie =P