Friday, April 09, 2010

SQC Lim Farewell Tea Break

After lunch break, we have another round of farewell for Lim. This time is tea break, I'm surprised with a big lovely cake for a farewell, more to Lim's birthday party.. lolz. I enjoyed the scenery with birthday song instead of farewell song... =P Seriously we don't have any idea what song to sing for Lim.. =.=" We sang farewell songs, sorrow n sad.. tears is going to burst out from my eyes...

Lim deserved more better than this, I believe.. he will have better future in his career advancement. Under his guidance, I learned gained lots of experience from him, now it's time for me to be independent with my own feet. Challenging is ahead apart .. I'm looking forward coming days hope that my days will be bright to work my things out.. I would like to Thank Lim for his guidance on me almost 1 year when I joined this company, thanks for everything, you're my mentor on my work..

With my prayers, I wish you all the best for your future undertakings. I believe you will be strong as you're now.. Take care Lim. Do visit us often in SQC, Sayonara

All the best, Lim

Lim's Farewell Cake

Small gift from SQC

Group photos with Lim

Lim's job is to serve us.. =P

Box inside is what?

You got it wallet purse.. **wink, wink**

Wow.. another gift is belt? **thumbs up**