Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why Aren't Things Working As Well As They Should Be?

Personal note from the Author: I wrote this note on the train this morning after reading about the suicide about a promising and good looking young man. I wrote this article so that others who are possibly thinking about ending their lives...or indulging in a very unhealthy lifestyle....perhaps from depression...or from self-inflicted pain to live on.

To fully experience the miracles and beauty of life and be part of the Good Fight. To experience the excitement of not knowing what surprises that Life would bring to you.

You were born to live, to love, to feel pain, to learn and it’s all part of the natural process.

Why Aren't Things Working As Well As They Should Be?
There is a stark difference between wanting to turn your dreams into reality and obsessing over your goals. When you become obsessed over something, the passion disappears. The hope disappears. The love disappears.

The principle wouldn’t work because you misalign yourself with the laws of the Universe, which is like a wave that ebbs and flows, and you ride on that wave. It is never about you. It is about the world-at-large. It is about love.

Yet, we should never forget our own goals. We should never lose sight of our dreams. But one should not be mistaken into adapting the successes of others onto oneself because it becomes all about 'them', and not a part of you. Envy develops. Greed engulfs you. Misery overwhelms you. All of which are the opposite of what attracts. It becomes your Zahir - it can either being you heaven, or it can make your life a living hell.

Then one might ask, "If that is so, why is it that others, who are seemingly ill-hearted and (possibly) less capable than you, receiving abundance from the Universe?" And the answer would be: We don't know. And you don't have to know.

Take a moment to think about some of the situations in your own life where things just never work out?

It could be a failed relationship.

It could falling into the same pattern of finding a partner who never loves you the way you want.

It could be a failed business deal.

If the anguish arising from these memories still engulf you and if you are still finding the answer why it's all happening to you - you don't have to know why, because it doesn't matter anymore. Your past does not equate your future.

Let go.... Move on...
Article written by Marc Wong