Monday, August 13, 2012

Le Poulet Roti @ Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

We dined into Le Poulet Roti for our dinner late evening around 7pm. Randomly choose seriously I have no idea what is good over here. Le Poulet Roti is an Italian Cafe that basically served Italian food. I understand 90% here are poultry basis.

The Menu

Flipped on the menu it's exactly like those Kenny Roger's or Nando's concept. There's a few options, you can opt for 1/4 chicken with 2 side dishes [cold or hot] and 1 dessert of the day [RM24.00], or 1/2 chicken with 2 side dishes [cold or hot] and 2 desserts of the day [45.00] or whole chicken with 4 side dishes [cold or hot] and 4 desserts of the day [RM68.00]. All meals are excluded drinks and available other side dishes on the menu as well.

Italian Cafe that basically served Italian food

Drinks was served immediately 10 mins after our ordered, just a normal ice lemon tea cost me [RM6.00] and a light coke cost [RM6.00] as well. I have muffins for my desserts, love the muffin smell not sure what flavors it's inside, just wallop it hahahaha xD

Drinks and Muffins

Love here xD

Friend ordered 1/4 chicken, Classic Roast - roasted chicken with mixed herbs, choice black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce or BBQ sauce. Side dishes was rice and mixed vegetables. Rather classic dish well round everything crunchy on the roasted skin. =D

1/4 chicken, Classic Roast set [RM26.00]

I had 1/4 chicken too, Oriental Roast - Roasted chicken with oriental spices served with Sambal. Side dishes was mashed potatoes and spaghetti. Thumbs up!! I love this meal, with the ordinary sambal that had it here. Must go with sambal then only nice to eat. Tender and juicy chicken meats, delicious!! =D

1/4 chicken, Oriental Roast set [RM26.00]

 Interior of the restaurant

Beautiful ambiance

Raining half way through dinner

Half way through dinner, a shower of rain wetting Colmar Tropicale that makes weather over here even more cold and with soft music, it's a romantic place to be. Love the ambiance over here, relax till max while you're enjoying food. Friendly services offered by staffs over here, definitely I will re-visit here again xD