Friday, August 31, 2012

Mickey Mouse @ Mid Valley

Everyone been talking about Mickey stories lately. I knew sort of out dated here, but I'm shocked to see Mickey Mouse still existing in Mid Valley Mega Mall. Recently, my visits with sister to MV is just for window shopping but some how there's large crowd surrounding this area, walked nearer see what's happening around.

Golden Mickey Mouse color

The original Mickey Mouse color

Crowd busy taking photos

Hear of camera flashing light and snapping sound, Mickey exhibition still on here. Without any delay my usual style took out camera, snapping here and there. I'm excited, because I love Mickey Mouse, one of my favorite Disney Character. Know why? I am a Mickey Mouse too. Lot's people like to tease me that I'm Mickey Mouse for ransacking kitchen. Today not going to ransack but instead of vising Mickey's colony =P

Art work of Mickey Mouse

So many contestants

Mickey in Elvis Presley theme

Sister in Mickey Exhibition Hall

The main objective to vote for the contestant who actually participating in Mickey contest. Condition, to decorate Mickey as creative as you can. Mostly are those students or kid in between 10-15 years old according to my random researched. Seriously I'm impressed with the art work. Varieties Mickey theme over here, from 80's, 90's, 20's, etc

Mickey's background

 Mickey said "May I dance with you?"

Mickey's in 30's era

Give me 5!! xD

On the other side, there's history background about Mickey stories. Some posters hanging on the wall. Some like to act Mickey's post for photo shooting, some just shooting for photography, etc. Free entrance, and open to public until contest ended. Not sure when is the dateline, I only know I enjoy myself over here. I took a chance to say "Hello to Mickey". Do you like Mickey Mouse as well? What is your favorite Disney Cartoon? ^_^