Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bar.B.Q Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid

Yesterday was the gals night, why? Mama not around.. we sneaked out for lovely dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid. Quite some time never eat this before, this my 2nd return visit after my first visit during April this year.

What is all about Bar B.Q Plaza? Bar B Q Plaza is a self-cooking Mongolian and Japanese style barbeque restaurant. We focus on the selection of high-quality meats and vegetables where customers can experience self-grilling. Such cooking experience makes dining at Bar B Q Plaza enjoyable and mesmerizing. The meal is also accompanied by specially prepared sauce, which taste just right for grilled food - Quoted from Bar B.Q Plaza Home Page.

Food portion is very suitable to eat with large group of people, recommended to eat around 4-6 person. Menu comes with a lot varieties choices such as FAMILY SET, SUPREME SET & ECONOMY SET. Beside that, they also served with lot's of varieties side dishes.We go for FAMILY SET alwiz =D

Garlic Rice RM2.50

Fried Bacon - RM7.90

 Fried Dumpling RM7.90

Garlic rice is most famous food in this restaurant. Fried garlic is been added into rice, beware of eating garlic otherwise heavy smell will scare people away. =P Another of my favorite food, is Fried Bacon and Fried Dumpling. Love till max while eating =)

 BBQ Sauce

This called BBQ sauce. It's combination of chilies [green + red] + garlic + twisted fresh lime. Mixed all together and it become like this. Original home made BBQ sauce, yummy. Your meal won't be completing without this BBQ sauce. =D

Pour Chicken Soup onto the BBQ platter

 Place Pork Lard on top the tray. 
Put in veges into chicken soup to add some sweetness to the soup and have fun BBQ-ing

 Once the other side is ready, flipped over meat can cook on it.
It's easy just DIY =D

Both gals enjoying photo session of Fried Bacon =P

Newbie don't know how to cook? Fred not, they're come with out with guide manual process to teach you how to cook, There are English version and Chinese version. More details on how to cook, do refer here. It's fun of learning how to cook... Let's be chef and eat till max. Recommended to here. We enjoyed till max =D 

Friday, November 05, 2010

Jojo Little Kitchen

Last week I brought friend out for lunch at Jojo Little Kitchen in SS15 Subang Jaya. We no idea what eat, just right my car by pass this Jojo Little Kitchen, we walked into this shop. Being first timer..I just walked in lot's of people at the shop. Jojo Little Kitchen is well known for its Pan Mee. Pan Mee is a type of Hokkien-style noodle made of flour and egg. The name Pan Mee literally means flat flour noodle.

They come up with daily menu set which the price is affordable for everyone to eat. It only available during weekdays suitable for working people while their having lunch time.

Plenty varieties pan mee you can selected from menu. They are soup and dry pan mee. Herbal based, spicy, traditional are the famous food in this shop.

Each bowl of Latt Jiu Pan Mee is accompanied with a spoon of homemade chilli condiment. You can add more of the chilli according to my own taste preference of hotness and spiciness. When you mix the chilli into the pan mee, it immediately changed and looked like Malak Mien (Spicy noodle).

Apple + Sengkuang Cina Juice

Hot TauFu Fa + Longan

This what i called Dry Pork Pan Mee. Before you eat you must mixed with soy sauce coz the sauce is at bottom. The taste it not my choice, I think some other shop is better than this. The bowl of mee is very small portion and ingredients are very less.

We also called side dishes add extra Wantan soup.. but really disappointing Wantan small filling is less not a good choice at my heart. Soup is too salty according to my friend, Emmie.

Emmie, ordered Herbal Pan Mee soup. She complaining why is that Herbal is hot n spicy?? Seriously I have no idea n also wondering why.. After eating, she found a green chili inside her pan mee. She is grumble non stop, and wondering why so spicy.. Wondering if they mistakenly thrown chili inside. After paying the bill we decided not to walk in to this shop anymore. Frustrated with food in this shop.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

RT Pastry House Fruit Cake

Celebrated Bro's Birthday with RT Pastry House Fruit Cake. This shop located at SS15 Subang Jaya. His favorite cake that he alwiz never miss. Most of my friends comment this cake is fresh with fruit not too sweet even more diabetics patients also can eat. Freshly made.. and its square. Did you notice the cake did not fully cover with icing? There's a specialty can you even see layers of fresh fruits hidden in the cake. Soft & moist when you eat.. suit everyone's taste.

Wish my bro Happy Birthday.. Pray for his Good Health always =D

RT Pastry House Fruit Cake

Birthday boy =)

This is how I cut the cake.. Dont need worry if the cake it's hard 2 cut~

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

TJ Haus SS18 in Subang Jaya

This place was introduced by a Cheryl. Previously she had dinner in this restaurant on her previous ex-company. She said this restaurant is more nicer than Logan Haus and have a lot varieties menu selection. We celebrated bro's birthday dinner at this restaurant. For being first timer to walk in this shop... I'm so impressed with the art decoration of this restaurant.

It's German style decoration, served German food according to Cheryl. Why TJ Haus? T: Thomas J:Jeffery both are German. Haus: House or Home. TJ Haus specializes in European Dishes and trust me, the food is awesome!!! Not only their portions are quite big, the food is really tasty and also the price is very reasonable. They have a really interesting concept where they try to price their dishes below RM 30. They have a really nice, cozy and peaceful ambiance. I won't be going back with empty hand not forgetting some photos in my hands =D

Crunchy Garlic Bread

 Water Crest Cream Soup

Grilled Chicken Chop

Spaghetti Carbonara

Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Carrot Milk, Mixed Fruit Punch, Ice Lemon Tea

Mommy & Gals: Do we all look the same? =P

Enjoying the scene =D

Mommy love to take lots of photo in this restaurant

Monday, November 01, 2010


Today i'm going to share with you about my gastric pain. If you guys read on my previous post, actually I'm suffering heavy gastric.  Gastric is definitely making me suffer a lot through out lately this coming 2 years. On and off my sick is coming back, that will make me have a lot phobia in life. What do you do when you're sick? Of coz going to doc right??

I spend lots of money to the doc, doc giving a lot medicine to neutralize my acid. After that keep on coming back again which make me really sick. I been on check up in specialist, doc said gastric patient is like that. He make that sure I eat on time and avoid from sour n spicy food. It's hard for me to accept it because I love spicy food, when thinking of eating spicy food.. ARRRRGGGhhh... gastric cannot eat...  so boring!!

I'm very guai guai listened to doc, don't eat sour n spicy food but yet the pain is still there. My life is so miserable, sometimes I feel bloated, nausea, abdominal digestion, tarry stools and black or loose bowels. I keep on Mc-ing from work which really pulling down my work performance.

Most of time, I keep on crying n blame the God "why do i have this kind of sick?" My mood is very down n mood easily swing that is unpredictable always. I keep on finding solution to cure my sick. I been to Chinese Medical Therapy  to cure my sick by drinking black thick Chinese herbs medicine which the taste very yuckss. My friend recommended me one simple remedy that is to drink [lemon + salt] = ENO for indigestion. All of this method is still not working fine for me... sad T.T

I feel depressed until I got myself stress badly. The day is coming until 1 day..... some how I share my problem my friend about this issue. She recommended me to try this new product called DIGESTON. At first I feel hopeless because I tried many method & products which cannot help me... I feel being worry.. I'm afraid that this will not work for me.... She convinced me to try it out as she shared with me about her history of gastric.

Desperately, I try this out keep on praying hard to God hope this things will work it out... After consuming 1 week I'm much better.. I can have proper sleep at night without keep on waking up to suffer pain. My bowels stools are back to normal, my stomach gas is taken through "FART" or even "BURP out from the mouth. I gain back my appetite of eating food. I'm safe now... As long as it will help.. I continue to with this product to cure my sick. Now I can say BYE BYE to all my DRUGS medicine =D

Let me shared with you more about this product... This is HEALTH FOOD all is made from PLANTS EXTRACT. It's made from plants such as red dates, ginger, papaya powder, alfafa, perilla, licorice come in capsule form. All you have to swallow with water, is very safety to take because this is NOT DRUGS!! Recommended for those who have gastric / indigestion patients.

What is DIGESTON?? Information quoted from brochure of this product:- 

Food is the source of our energy and nutrition. The digestive system consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines, all of which help to break down food. The digestive system’s main function is to extract and absorb nutrients from the food we eat. The nutrients are then absorbed into the blood and distributed to various parts of the body.
Food may contain dangerous microorganisms. The immune system helps defend the digestive system against these harmful microorganisms. A fully functioning digestive system has defense abilities and is capable of absorbing nutrients to provide the body with energy. However, we often neglect to check if our body has the ability to fully digest and absorb the nutrients in our food. A malfunctioning digestive system may lead to vomiting, ulceration of digestive organs, gallstones, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

DIGESTON is specially formulated to nourish the digestive system. It contains many types of plant foods to aid digestion and help the body absorb nutrients more efficiently.