Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maple Story 2 - Knights Of Cygnus

Maple Story is coming back with more stories, with Maple Story 2. Let us see what is inside Maple Story 2, yeap it's called the Knight of Cygnus.

The Knights of Cygnus are a character 'order' available only in MapleStory Korea but now available in Maple Sea. To get a knight, you must travel to a new town, Ereb. Using a character that is level 30 or higher, you can make another character which is a Cygnus Knight via the NPC in Ereb . If you register for the recruitment for Order members, a new Order character will be made with the class Nobless.

Cygnus Knights receive 6 AP upon each level up, but the highest level they can attain is 120. When getting the 1st job advancement at level 10, you can become an Apprentice Knight. At level 10, you can choose one of the following Knights.

Types of Cygnus Knights

Soul Master

A swordsman with the Light Sprite. Turns the power of the Sprite into a soul form, and imbues it within the sword to use it.

Flame Wizard

A magician with the Fire Sprite. Amplifies the power of the Sprite with magic to wield it.

Wind Breaker

A bowman with the Wind Sprite. Loads the power of the Sprite into the bow to shoot powerful arrows.


A thief with the Darkness Sprite. Not only is the power of the Sprite used, but is capable of handling powerful poison.


A pirate with the Lightning Sprite. Awakens the entire body with the power of the Sprite, and uses powerful bodily skills.

The character that creates the Nobless affects the character through levels. Every 10 levels on the original character raises the striker’s blessing skill by 1 point. The max level of the skill is 20 (level 200 on the original character).

The Knights of Cygnus classes with their full skills.

* Soul Master (Warrior)(Mixed from "Sword&Axe warrior"&"Sword&Hammer warrior")
* Flame Wizard (Magician)(Similar to "Fire, Poison magician")
* Striker (Pirate)(Similar to "Infighter")
* Wind Breaker (Bowman)(Similar to "Bowman")
* Nightwalker (Thief)(Similar to "Assasin")

Reference Link: MaplTip