Monday, May 18, 2009 has a brand new look! What do you guys think of the new website layout? It may look a bit empty now but it'll fill up with content in no time. :) Head on over and check out Pink Bean throwing a temper on the top banner, hahaha!

Well, i think website it's cool, i'm not use 2 new website coz slightly have a lot change. The words quite small n blur.. i would say design image it's nice a lot flash but loading very slow. Some of the content it's not fully upload yet.

Myself quite confusing when i keep on searching the asiasoft login, with the small URL link on top the banner. Slowly n patienly waiting for the site to load, it's take me about 15min loading page. i hope Asiasoft doing something 2 solve the problem ^^

More details kindly refer to Facebook in MapleSea.