Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TsurayaSan dating with Saruman in Amoria Park

It's been long long time no dating when my Sayang Saruman. Well, i don't blame him 4 not dating me coz i understand everyone it's been busy leveling especially my syg. Well, i wanna grats him for 4th job as title Bishop. I know you it's been ur hardworking that effort 2 go 4th job. Well done syg, i'm very proud of u..

Well, actually i wanna take photo between us, but yet after Maple patch 0.73 some how got error msg unfortunately unable to press "Scr Lk". Quite dissapointed with this but luckily i still can capture some photo using "print screen" then paste into paint save as JPG image.

Well some of the awesome movement between us that it's capture in the photo, i make into slide so that can flip accordingly. 1 more thing that syg touched my heart inside the maple.. syg using "Mega hon" to melt my heart, so touching! F3

For myself i have leveled up from lvl 70 to lvl 78 this week coz of 2x hosting my Maple 4th Anniversary. Now i'm changing to lvl 78 clothes n weapon specially sponsored by my syg. I'm so touched by u... F3. Erm, i also would like to wish MapleSea Happy Birthday for the 4th Anniversary. A lot new quest as coming i will be very busy every night to hunt maple equipment.

Note: For those who are looking 4 me in MSN, i will put appear offline, you can leave me message and i will reply you asap.