Friday, May 29, 2009

TsurayaSan HPQ in Hennesy Mushroom Park

Recently TsurayaSan found out there is new hat in Maple Story.The hat it's called Rice Cake on Someone's Head. I'm wondering where is the hat come from so busy asking people around the town. Well, at first i told it's ACASH hat that is need money 2 buy the hat.. but then after a few Q&A around the town i finally get the answer for it.

A few disappointing moment, when i'm trying to ask people in the town, some of them been fooling me, some giving me the false information & some ask me to purchase the hat. When i'm asking how much actually it's the hat.. the noob sin girl told me it's cost me 20mil! I can't believe it until i checked the price in FM (free market). HHmm.. no choice but i just accepted the fact it's cost 20mil. Wow, it's high value though for this hat. If i get this hat i sure sell it in FM, then i make money from that! F2

Well, with the curiousity of me, definately i checked out with ppl where to get this hat. I'm so desperate for this hat..asking non-stop.. finally my little savera mei guide me how to get this hat. F2 To get this hat you need to do PQ (party quest). Well, the PQ located in Hennesy Town in Mushroom Park and it's called HPQ (Hennesy PQ).

This is how to get the Rice Cake on Someone's Head:-

Party Quest - Stage 1
You need to be Level 10 and above to do the party quest

Head to Henesys Park and form a party of at least 3 members. Characters who are levels 10 to 15 benefit the most from this party quest.

Your party leader should talk to the NPC Tory to begin the quest.

1. When you enter, talk to the NPC Growlie who will demand for 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes. These are obtained by summoning a Moon Bunny.

2. At the bottom of the map, attack the brown plants to make them drop 6 different colours of
seeds. There is a time limit of 10 minutes.


3. Each collected seeds must be dropped on each of the small six platforms in the center surrounding the moon.

Placement of the Primrose Seeds:

  • Blue Primrose Seed - Top-left platform
  • Green Primrose Seed - Top-right platform
  • Yellow Primrose Seed - Left platform
  • Purple Primrose Seed - Right platform
  • Brown Primrose Seed - Bottom-left pl atform
  • Pink Primrose Seed - Bottom-right platform

Party Quest - Stage 2

You need to be Level 10 and above to do the party quest

1. Once all seeds have been dropped into the respective platforms, the Moon Bunny will appear.

2. At this stage, waves of flying enemies that include weaker versions of Flyeyes, Stirges, and Blins will attempt to attack the Moon Bunny. The Moon Bunny will take some time to prepare 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes.

3. Your task is to protect the Moon Bunny while it slowly drops the Moon's Bunny Rice Cake, which the party leader should collect.

4. This stage is over when all ten rice cakes have been collected. The PQ fails when it exceeds the time limit of 10 minutes, or the Moon Bunny dies.

Party Quest - Exit Stage

You need to be Level 10 and above to do the party quest

1. Each party member would be given 1600 experience points, and will br brought to an exit stage, Hidden Street: Shortcut, where you can gain Rice Cake on Someone's Head or exit the party quest completely.

2. Once you have decided your next course of action, talk to Tory to get Rice Cake on Someone's Head.

3. After completing the quest you will be rewarded Rice Cake on Someone's Head.

The hat requirement lvl 15,static is STR+4, DEX+4, INT+4, LUK+4, WD 22, no of ugrade available is 5 slot.

Reference Link : HPQ @ Hidden Street