Monday, June 01, 2009

TsurayaSan is in depression mood!

Something goes wrong with TsurayaSan last Fri till Sun night. Y n what happen 2 her? Let me explained in further details. It was a game inside Maple Story. What was happened that she is dreaming of getting Maple Anniversary Weapon which is Maple Staff and Maple Shield. With her hardwork, she travel to town to ask ppl around where actually to hunt for this maple equip. After long FAQ, finally she got the info and then she started to hunt in Perion Burnt Lant in Deep Valley 1 map.

TsurayaSan is that kind of person really soft hearted and always like 2 help ppl. Without thinking so much, she willing 2 share the map with other maplers. Now her party member got 3 ppls hunting for maple staff. after 1 hr, finally TsurayaSan got the weapon but give party members loot maple staff away. She get pissed off keep on complaining 2 buddly list members.

Somehow, one of TsurayaSan's Maple buddy have some message for her. Her maple buddy nagging her being too kind hearted like to help ppl at the end get nothing. Well, he suggested that TsurayaSan have to be bad person in order to survive in the game. He teached TsurayaSan 2 be selfish n do not simply help ppl in the game. Without thinking too much, she did what her fren said. Being a selfish 1st day, TsurayaSan got scolded by maplers for being bad person n rude n get curse by maplers in the game. With the angry temper, TsurayaSan fired her maple buddy nicely.

TsurayaSan learned a big lesson coz being cheated by ppl. Y should teach ppl become bad person? Isn't being a good person it's hard 2 do so? How about being a bad person giving ppl 2 curse like mad? TsurayaSan feel like she is being like a ball being kicked here n there. When those ppl need you that time they will come look for u n ask you to help them. After finished helping, those ppl run away n forget about u. When u're in trouble who is going 2 help u? Will pity u as well? NO n NO.. nobody it's going 2 care about u.

This is scenario that TsurayaSan facing in game. She is now having depression mood. Not just in game, but this apply 2 real world. Remember before you help ppl, help yourself 1st and follow what your hearts say.. Think before you help else, nobody is going 2 pity n help u after all.