Thursday, June 04, 2009

BannedStory Simulator

Everyone must be wondering where i get those cute maple icons in my blog. Umm.. it was my maple mei Savera who said this website with me. It's called BannedStory Simulator. This website allow to create your own maple favourite character.

After i get to know this website, i dont really need to login maple cash shop and do testing on cashshop before i purchasing items. In maple cash allow to free testing for equip & armors. It's limitation function whereby you can't try testing for hair style, face changes, skin, etc.

Basically this website allow user to develop own animate maple character in multimedia style. Free styling with simple html code, and other scripts. I can't really explain in details as you need to try it out by yourself. It's fun when my mood it's down.. simply creating some funny characters to make myself happy XD. Let me share with u, guys about the this link. I stop the talking while let the picture do the talking. XD

URL: BannedStory Simulator