Monday, June 01, 2009

Blazing Radio

HHmm.. as my Emmie friend been complaining boring of reading my blog coz a lot maple blogging. Let me share with u you something new in my blog. Recently i been searching for radio streaming that can listen music. Normally i will find M'sia favourite radio station to listen but all the time quite dissapointed as web streaming quite bad, not much choices. Sometimes i would like to have variety music channel like English , Chinese , Malay coz boring if listen 2 1 station only. Collegue knew that i complaning so he found out something different for the radio station. It's radio software called Blazing Radio. All you need do is download the setup and installed it. Just a simple steps will do.

After installing, you will have this template as shown above. From there you can select M'sia, English, Chinese, Tamil, UK, Taiwan, China etc. Now you can have you favourite station without worry about bad line streaming on the website. More over it's very clear n nice when you listen it. Now you dont need search on the website anymore!

For more info on this kindly log into Blazing Radio.