Thursday, June 11, 2009

How well do you know Emmie Khoo?

Here's is another test i took my closest fren... Emmie Khoo.. Erm, i hope i get 100% but but... i got 1 question wrong.. 90% consider ok la... so far off all test this is the highest point!! ^^ Her question easy or i understand her well? lol...

Let's continue below, here are the question:-
Correct answer = (Y) Wrong answer = (N)

1) What is my favourite food? (Y)

2) What is my favourite fruit juice? (Y)

3) What is my favourite TV drama? (Y)

4) How many times have I travelled out of the country? (Y)
5) Which of the countries below that I visited before? (Y)

6) What thing that I wish to buy now? (Y)

7) What cell phone network that I used? (Y)

8) Which city was I born in? (Y)

9) What was my nickname growing up? (N)
I dunno ur nick name, but i heard ur mom called ah girl =.="

10) What is my favourite fast food restaurant? (Y)