Friday, September 11, 2009

Sepang Gold Coast

On the way back to KL from Melaka trip, we stop at Sepang one of my friend hometown's. He decided to bring us 1 round of walk to take some fresh air.. after sitting so long in the car. I wonder where will he bring us.. Sepang got nice things 2 visit? Nah.. he bring us to beach which he never been before, he said he read in newspaper that has been declared as the longest coastal paradise in Asia.

Located at the Pantai Bagan Lalang which is around 75 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, 45 minutes from Putrajaya and 25 minutes from KLIA. It is strategic to me as it is between Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson. In term of accessibility, Elite highway can connect you to KLIA toll and from there crossing Sepang F1 circuit and Sepang town before reaching the area. There is a proposed highway directly connecting from KLIA to this coastal area. Once completed, it will be very easy to drive and follow the map without a GPS device. However, this is crucial if the entire area needs to attract attention, a good access that anyone can easily drive there is a success factor.

Still a lot more to go, still under construction coz the chalets been ready by next year March 2010, this what the local people told us. Beaches it's nicer than PD, here u can collect a lot sea shells when it's low tight. You can swim, or built sand castles.. Nice scenery too bad we didn't bring our swim wear there else we could have been swimming over there. I let the photos do the talking... ^^

Sepang Gold Coast - Golden Palm Tree Water Villas

Pantai Morib Beach

After visiting Sepang Gold Coast, we move on to Pantai Morib in Klang. It's about 30-40km from Sepang Gold Coast which require 30 min drive. It's popular west coast beach resorts are a bit too crowded for you, you might find Morib, located at the southern end of the Selangor state, more appealing.

If you coming from KL, approximately 1 1/2 hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, it is the perfect place for some quiet, peaceful relaxation. Surrounded by whispering casuarinas and swaying palms, you can comb the beaches of Morib during low tide, searching for seashells or watch small crabs scuttle away and disappear into the sand. You can even spread out a mat and settle down to a picnic lunch beside a shady casuarina grove.

After we reached, the beach it's not as nice as we taught compare to Sepang Gold Coast, totally worst than PD. Water si beh dirty it's like mud water @@. Erm, I dont even dare to step on the dirty salty water but still got a few ppl going there for swimming. A lot local people go there for family picnic. i would say the beach it's sucks -_-"

Melaka Trip Part 1

This year my 1st trip holiday it's to Melaka. U know everyday been busy working, now it's the time to relax my mind.. Yeah been planning trip this a few months with my friends. I'm so happy that i can make it.. the last time i went to Melaka when i was primary kid.. i think standard 4. I can't remember at all not until i refresh back my childhood photos of Melaka town.

Photo References: Cuti Malaysia

Let me intro a bit about state of Melaka, i hope my sejarah wont be giving back to teachers lolz. Melaka is located on the Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the Straits of Melaka, about 147 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and 245 kilometers from Singpore. Melaka is actually found sandwiched between the states of Negeri Sembilan and Johor. It can be reached by excellent roads from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Internally it is serviced by a very good network of roads leading to all the historical places of interest. It covers and area of 658 square kilometers and is divided into three districts namely Alor Gajah, Melaka Tengah and Jasin.

I went to Melaka on the eve of merdeka that is 30th Aug 2009, after 2 hrs 30min journey from KL. Tired been sitting on the car, i been wondering how would be the celebration in melaka for Merdeka Day. First place i visited in Melaka is The Stadthuys is (red house) the nickname been given by local ppl there and it situated in Melaka city. The Dutch Square is famous for its red-painted buildings. It has a display of many unique Dutch mansonry and architectural skills. The Stadthuys, in the Dutch Square, was built in 1650, it is a typical Dutch building with a clock tower. It was once an official home to the Dutch Governors. It has been preserved in its original Dutch architectural form. It is also a historic museum and houses some interesting display of traditional bridal costumes and relics, and others. There are within the square, the Queen Victoria's fountain built in 1901 and Melaka Clock Tower built in 1886.

After some photo takings, we moved on to St. Paul's Church. The church was built by a Portuguese captain by it name of Duarte Coetho, the chapel wi turned by the Dutch into a burial ground for their noble dead and renamed it 'St. Paul's Church from the Portuguese's "Our Lady Of The Hill". St. Francis Xavier was briefly enshrined in the open grave in 1553 before being shipped to Goa, India. Top of the hill, i can view Strait of Melaka sea where by big ship passing by sea. Nice view from the top of the building.

Next is we move to legendary landmark of historical building in Melaka. A Famosa, or "The Famous" in Portuguese, is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. Once part of a mighty fortress, this tiny gate (called the Porta de Santiago) is all that is left of a once-mighty fortress. In 1511 a Portuguese fleet arrived under the command of Alfonso de Albequerque. His forces attacked and successfully defeated the armies of the native Sultanate. Moving quickly to consolidate his gains, Albequerque had the fortress built around a natural hill near the sea. Albequerque believed that Melaka would become an important port linking Portugal to the spice trade from China. At his time other Portuguese were establishing outposts in such places as Macau, China and Goa, India in order to create a string of friendly ports for ships heading to China and returning home to Portugal.

I got some nice photos, part of the blog will continue in next blog... stay tune.. ^^

Melaka Trip Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Melaka trip.. so lazy to update my blog recently, i don't have the mood 2 blog.. @@ Noon time whereby we stopped at Dataran Pahlawan for lunch. I never came across this shopping mall during my childhood.. It's a shopping mall paradise with lot tourist attraction. Quite big.. full n packed with ppl. Those who like shopping.. this is best place where u can get clothes, grocery & etc.

After walking about 15 mins, we saw some nice food.. it's a HK style chinese restaurant something like Kim Gary / Wong kok.. n i forget what is the name of the restaurants -_-" i had simple lunch which shown in the photos, as we're rushing to visit all the places in Melaka.. u know time consuming.. time fly fast .. ^^

Steam pork rice with salted eggs ^^

Steam pork ribs rice ^^

Full bloated stomach, after eating we continued to walk around.. u know burning fats it's best idea that we suggested. Next we move on to Info Craft Center, museum and took some photos. Old car, plane, fire bomba, everything it's so classic. I wonder why Melaka every building is red? red prosperous (ong) color? lolz...

Next we move on to the famous Maritime Museum. The Museum is constructed after 'Flor De La Mar', the Portuguese ship that sand off the coast of Melaka on its way to Portugal. With its hull laden with invaluable treasures seized from Malacca, the ship was doomed from existence had it not for the efforts to revive its symbolic significance to Melaka's heritage. At the museum, visitors can get a closer look at Melaka from the famed Malay Sultanate of the 14th century to the Portuguese era, the Dutch era and the British era. There are exhibits of foreign ships that had once called at the port of Melaka during the height of its maritime hegemony. Entrance fees is RM3 each person. You're not allow to wear shoes inside. This ship reminded me back to my History during my secondary schools. Still not bad i still able to A for my History.. =P

Photos sound nice?? More updates will be coming soon... stay tune.. Melaka trip part 3 will be back soon... =P

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Melaka Trip Part 3

Phew.. back back.. so much to write... -_-" Whole day walking.. so tired and sweating like mad, my legs going 2 patah very soon.. but my eyes saw a lot ppl been taking boats along Melaka rivers. Sounds nice.. and also good for resting my legs. I quickly drags my friends into the boat... whatever i don't want to walk until my legs recovers back.. Yippie, we bought boat tickets for RM10 per person. The journey it's about 45min ride, it's more than enough for me to heal my legs, kesian my legs -_-" Once we got up the boat, and the engines starts, wind blows onto my face...

My legs it's healing.. now can walk back not so tired already. As we get down from the boat, further is the Melaka Kincir Air, quite a popular spot and also come to Kota Pertahanan Belanda, saw some big cannon still in good conditions as been maintained well by Melaka tourism.

Last spot in Melaka not forgetting a famous chinese street called Jonker Street. A definite haven for antique collectors and bargain hunters. Authentic artifacts and relics. some dating as far back as 300 years, can be found among a host of interesting collectibles, each with its own history and mystery. Jalan Hang Jebat, formerly known as Jonker Street, is known worldwide among famous antique collectors as one of the best places to hunt and bargain for antiques.

A lot things to buy, crowded with peopels usually chinese, who loves to buy and shop. AFter a fews shop, i get myself a purse with RM28, unique hand-made hp chain RM5. I also got Melaka belacan and Cincalok for my mom cooking. Time consuming, but i don't have a chance to taste Melaka food, like Malacca chicken rice ball, Melaka cendol, Melaka satay celup.. I will be coming to Melaka again for food. Next trip for sure.... ^^

Hand made key - written my name ^^

My lovely purse both side is zipped ^^