Monday, October 29, 2012

Egg Timer @ Apple Store

Over the weekend the very early morning as I woke up from the bed, my mind was craving half boiled eggs badly after a been repeated having half-boiled eggs in CBTL and Eng Ann coffee shop. I also been reading a lot bloggers home cooked food especially Baby Sumo's blog on egg poaches tempted me to try it out at home.

Often mom boil eggs for me during childhood, using the tradition way the yellow jar with the dripping hole. I find it rather tedious not so accurate with the results and I did not use it anymore. After I read through "How to Cook the Perfect Soft Boiled Egg" now I have a better idea in boiling it, so I started my assignment at home. I have all the ingredients, except timer. I been searching around to get a proper small cute timer, rather disappointing came home with empty hands.

What I have in mind, perhaps software can help? I think would be ridiculous to depend on software right? I'm unsatisfying what I want.. Immediately I took the Ipad out, search in apple store to see if I can dig out a cooking TIMER. Surprisingly there's a lot timers. First result, "Egg Timer". Could not believe they have this apps, oh yeah my life become more easy. Quickly download it, can't wait to browser what is inside.

Egg Timer from Apple Store

I'm shocked and surprised, Egg Timer apps, showing a few ways in boiling eggs. Colorful, a good illustration and step by step on how to boil eggs. I'm going to try half-boiled eggs. Inside apps also listed sizes of the eggs that different timing each. Just scroll grade size of eggs that you're going to use and click Set Timer!

Let's start

Sizes of eggs

Instruction below guided how to cook perfect half boiled eggs. Easy steps right? No headache and it's fun to play around. Now let's get read your ingredients.

Step by step guide

Timer counting

Patiently waiting for it to boil until it finish. When timer stop there's funny sound inside. It was the chicken cracking eggs sound. After that drain hot drain water and crack the eggs. Caution of hot water!

Boiling time

My half-boiled eggs

Love the runny two sunny yolk. Beautiful and it set nicely. Serve with pepper and soy sauce / salt of your choice. I love to dunk with toasted bread early in the morning. Yummy!!

Love the runny two sunny yolk

I love to dunk with toasted bread

Beside this, Egg Timer apps, have a lot egg's recipe that you can actually browse through from breakfast, lunch, dinner, kid meals and even quick meal. Step by step are shown below and videos are attached for your convenience.

Eggs recipe

The Makings

General terms of eggs

And it also teach you how to determine fresh eggs. All listed here in the apps. I find it very useful tips to learn. Thanks to the latest technology that helps a lot and also bloggers who know how to cook well. Interesting, don't you think so?? Have a nice day everyone. =D