Monday, October 08, 2012

Ninja Joe @ Sunway Pyramid

Ninja Joe is an original Japanese concept through out Klang Valley for the fast food services. What are the different compare to the rest of fast food retailing franchising was the meat that they're using. Ninja Joe selling Pork Burger. You hear me? It's Porky burgers!! Yah, rarely we can have pork burgers in our fast food chain beside, chicken, beef and fillets. It's NON-HALAL post over here.
Self service at Ninja Joe

First main branch located at Tropicana City Mall, second branches would be Sunway Pyramid and third will be at Mid Valley. Opted for second in Sunway Pyramid because it's nearer to my place. As soon I came down from upper car park zone, Ninja Joe located in between T-Bowl Concept and TGIF. It's easy to spot, it's locate at the highest level in Pyramid.

Spacious seating area

First timer here, quite spacious the shop and it's slightly empty with people. Weekdays rather slow a bit, but I find quite peaceful to enjoy my porky burgers without any noise pollution. What to eat? Too many choices, the waiter recommended the best seller for me to try out. Everything here is self service, order, pay and select your seats.

Porky sets

Friend crafted for "The Big Boss" at [RM8.50] has pork patty, a fried egg, onion slices, lettuce and tomato slice in between buns. You can opt to add bacon for [RM1.00] and cheese for [RM1.00]. Satisfy with size of the burger plus fries and drink, easily make you go bloated.

"The Big Boss" at [RM8.50]

Pork patty, a fried egg, onion slices, lettuce 
and tomato slice in between buns

Ninja Joe Golden Brown Fries

I opted "The Brucely" at [RM9.90] which are my favorite, difference is instead of pork patty, this burger has a slice of pork chop, tomato slice and lettuce. Again one can opt for the extra bacon and cheese with the addition of [RM1.00] each. Even though it's a piece of pork chop, rest assure that it's very tender and juicy.

"The Brucely" at [RM9.90]

This burger has a slice of pork chop, tomato slice and lettuce

Burgers with drinks, Delicious~

For all pork burger orders, just pay an extra of [RM3.90] for the set that would include a cold drink and fries. I opted for Mountain Dew soft drinks, something different compare to the rest which are normally Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, etc. Enjoying their fries, golden brown color. They do have loyalty card for everyone, make sure you get it stamp when you purchased your burgers to enjoy additional rewards.

Loyalty Card rewards

Tax Free

And here's goes the bill. I'm surprised it's TAX FREE over here. Pork lover? Come try it out yourself today!! A porky place to be.. Do follow them at social networking such as Facebook and Twitters for more updates. =D

Ninja Joe
• LG-233, The Gardens Mall (Mid Valley)
• LG-113, 1 Utama Shopping Mall
• F1.95 Sunway Pyramid (Next to TGIF)
• LG-75 Setia City Mall
• LG-18, Tropicana City Mall