Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Mid-Autumn Moon Cakes 2012

Mid-Autumn is here!! This year I did not buy any moon cakes because a lot of gift from friends and relatives. Have you tasted any moon cakes so far? First of all I'm craving for moon cakes from Starbucks. Want to buy previously some how got friend working in Starbucks tasted this moon cakes before. She said Starbucks moon cakes lousy, she's stopping me from buying it.

Starbucks Moon Cakes

Tiramisu Moon Cakes

I'm surprised to receive Starbucks moon cakes from Jessica, younger sis. Thank you!! She bought two which were Tiramisu and Caramel Macchiato. Had chance to try Tiramisu flavor 1/8 pieces, the taste was obviously TOO SWEET for tiramisu!! Can get diabetic though. Did not manage to finish it. Western base moon cake style just like you're drinking a cup of coffee. It's nice to eat, but not my cup of tea. Probably a cup of Starbucks coffee would be good for me ^_^

Agar-agar Moon Cakes

Crystal with Pineapple Paste Moon Cakes

Yam with Red Beans Paste

Next moving up to Agar-agar a.k.a Puding Jelly moon cakes. Brother bought it home. It was a home made moon cakes from his lady boss. Beautifully printed moon cakes moles looks shining and solid. Wondering how did they make agar agar moon cakes. First time ever tasted agar agar moon cakes, beside snow skin. Store it cool in refrigerator cut it, just like eating ice-cream. Two flavors, yam with red beans paste and crystal with pineapple paste that tasted delicious. Just nice the quantity of sweetness. Do you like moon cakes? Happy Mid Autumn ^_^