Monday, October 29, 2012

Egg Timer @ Apple Store

Over the weekend the very early morning as I woke up from the bed, my mind was craving half boiled eggs badly after a been repeated having half-boiled eggs in CBTL and Eng Ann coffee shop. I also been reading a lot bloggers home cooked food especially Baby Sumo's blog on egg poaches tempted me to try it out at home.

Often mom boil eggs for me during childhood, using the tradition way the yellow jar with the dripping hole. I find it rather tedious not so accurate with the results and I did not use it anymore. After I read through "How to Cook the Perfect Soft Boiled Egg" now I have a better idea in boiling it, so I started my assignment at home. I have all the ingredients, except timer. I been searching around to get a proper small cute timer, rather disappointing came home with empty hands.

What I have in mind, perhaps software can help? I think would be ridiculous to depend on software right? I'm unsatisfying what I want.. Immediately I took the Ipad out, search in apple store to see if I can dig out a cooking TIMER. Surprisingly there's a lot timers. First result, "Egg Timer". Could not believe they have this apps, oh yeah my life become more easy. Quickly download it, can't wait to browser what is inside.

Egg Timer from Apple Store

I'm shocked and surprised, Egg Timer apps, showing a few ways in boiling eggs. Colorful, a good illustration and step by step on how to boil eggs. I'm going to try half-boiled eggs. Inside apps also listed sizes of the eggs that different timing each. Just scroll grade size of eggs that you're going to use and click Set Timer!

Let's start

Sizes of eggs

Instruction below guided how to cook perfect half boiled eggs. Easy steps right? No headache and it's fun to play around. Now let's get read your ingredients.

Step by step guide

Timer counting

Patiently waiting for it to boil until it finish. When timer stop there's funny sound inside. It was the chicken cracking eggs sound. After that drain hot drain water and crack the eggs. Caution of hot water!

Boiling time

My half-boiled eggs

Love the runny two sunny yolk. Beautiful and it set nicely. Serve with pepper and soy sauce / salt of your choice. I love to dunk with toasted bread early in the morning. Yummy!!

Love the runny two sunny yolk

I love to dunk with toasted bread

Beside this, Egg Timer apps, have a lot egg's recipe that you can actually browse through from breakfast, lunch, dinner, kid meals and even quick meal. Step by step are shown below and videos are attached for your convenience.

Eggs recipe

The Makings

General terms of eggs

And it also teach you how to determine fresh eggs. All listed here in the apps. I find it very useful tips to learn. Thanks to the latest technology that helps a lot and also bloggers who know how to cook well. Interesting, don't you think so?? Have a nice day everyone. =D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Breakfast All Day @ CBTL Malaysia

I had chance to try out Breakfast Set during lunch hour. Why? Because now Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia is offering Breakfast All Day. Thanks to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia for the great offer. Now I can enjoy it everyday at any time without any worries.

Food for thought at [RM13.50]

Too much to choose on the breakfast set, you can refer here on the CBTL website. CBTL famous for brewed coffee, ice blended and tea. Never know they do serve food as well. I being influenced by Foongpc of all the time. He keep on saying CBTL food is much better than Starbucks. Most of the time he shared his CBTL food photos, tempted me that much. Oh yeah, here I come CBTL =P

A healthy salad with cherry tomatoes, cranberries,
lettuce, cranberries, almond flakes

Since I want some light food, I opted for Food for thought at [RM13.50]. The set consisted two half-boiled eggs served with 4 pieces of crispy toasted breads with butter and strawberries spread, a healthy salad with cherry tomatoes, cranberries, lettuce, cranberries, almond flakes and salad dressing sauce. Each Food for thought set comes with a cup of tea or coffee. Cheap or expensive?

I love runny egg yolks!! So cute~ xD

Food served within 15 min depending on the queue. Co-incidence, less people during lunch time, my food portion arriving on time. First I doubted the food portion because it's rather small let see if is enough for me. There's many way to enjoy this food. I love dunk the roasted breads into half boiled eggs. Bread soaking into eggs created savory taste, yummy!! xD

Half-boiled eggs with toasted breads

Or you can even spread the bread with butter and strawberry jam, filled with salad, just like eating sandwiches bread. Cool right?? What I love the most is the brewed black coffee. The aroma of black coffee smells good!! I love sugarless black coffee, or if you want reduce sweet, fill up 2 sachets of brown sugar. Tempting, couldn't resist on the breakfast set. By the time I finished it, I'm bloated =D

Brewed black coffee from CBTL

Btw, thanks to Foongpc for the influences. Good food are meant to be share right, Foongpc? Want know what he blog about, do out his blog at Have a nice day!! =D

Thursday, October 18, 2012

T.G.I Friday’s™ @ Paradigm Mall

It was an occasion to celebrate whereby I had my dinner with a group of friends in T.G.I Friday’s™ at Paradigm Mall recently. Both of my friends are T.G.I Friday’s™ lover. They like to dine in here for yummy food. T.G.I Friday’s™ an international chain focusing on casual dining, with over 1000 restaurants in 58 countries. Famous for fresh food and mouthwatering American classics, from appetizers perfect for sharing, to memorable burgers and delicious desserts.

T.G.I Friday’s™ Paradigm Mall

One thing I love about T.G.I Friday’s™ is their friendly services especially waiter and waitress can turn you into happy mood. Without delay we place our orders for the night. There's a few selections for bottomless drink mainly are soft drinks and ice lemon tea at reasonable price.

California Club Sandwiches at [RM25.90]

Alice ordered California Club Sandwiches at [RM25.90] serve with mesquite smoked turkey breast, crispy beef bacon, turkey ham and Monterey Jack Cheese on toasted ciabitta bread with tomatoes, shredded flomiane lettuce, guacamole & mayonnaise and crispy fries. Huge portion, delicious and fresh, could help to eat more.. She's enjoyed it well.

Beef Bacon Cheese Burger at [RM23.90]

Thick, juicy beef patty

MJ ordered Beef Bacon Cheese Burger at [RM23.90] serve with beef patty covered with melted Coby Cheese, crispy beef strips with the classic fixing and crispy fries. Thick, juicy beef patty marinated with secrets ingredients, eating with hand the best.. finger licking good xD

Sizzling Chicken and Cheese at [RM31.90]

I had Sizzling Chicken and Cheese at [RM31.90] serve on the sizzling skillet of onions and peppers together wtih garlic marinated chicken breast over melted Colby and Jack Cheese together with Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. I love the cheese salty, yet crunchy. Chicken meat tender and moist combination of grilling process make it so lovely. First I thought it's not enough for me, after finished up all I feel bloated indeed.

Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Colby Cheese

hot flour tortillas

Chicken Fajitas at [36.90]

Last dish was the Sizzling Fajitas served on the skillet of roasted onions, green & red peppers. Come with hot flour tortillas, Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream and Colby Cheese. For the meat filling you select either beef, chicken, combo or vegetable fajita. I opted for Chicken Fajitas at [36.90] I like this dish a lot, wrapping everything inside and eat like that. Savory and opening up flavors. One of my favorite food here on Mexican style. Huge portion can be shared by 2 persons. Recommended to try =D

After food, we continue our bottomless drinks, with on going talking and spending our time together. There's liquor, desserts too. Unfortunately we're too full to carry on. Will do come back to try it next round. =D

T.G.I Friday’s™
Paradigm Mall, 47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hainan Coffee @ Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann Klang

Beautiful weekend, heading down to Klang to look for food that were published in the newspapers recently. Food attracted me that much because it's originally run buy Hainanese man. Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann located in Taman Eng Ann near to old AEON Bukit Raja, slightly can reach there direct by using Federal Highway.

Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann

Get me sometime to get here, as I'm totally clueless the road directions, thanks to GPS guided me there. After that, I can recognize the road better. Reached there at 2pm, cloudy day plus windy, fine weather to enjoy my food. Rather classic Hainanese Kopitiam, the owner in newspaper appeared exactly in front of my eyes. Elderly man age mid 50 looks cold at first sight, after a while he started to talk only realized he is friendly type. Easy going asking what to order instead.

Behind kitchen scene

Refer back to the famous food in newspapers, I ordered brewed coffee, tea, two half-boiled eggs and toasted breads. This not enough for us, we ordered extra food from next door neighbors. I seated exactly in front of the kitchen, see clearly how they brewed coffee. Automatic recalled childhood memories where by my grandfather use to make Hainan coffee for me to drink.

Famous food here

Coffee is thick with milk, surprisingly the tasted good, less sweet the real coffee fragrant, in small cup size. I did tried on the Hainanese Tea which is famous for it's "cham" and also their half-boiled eggs with big runny yolks. The eggs rather big, I believe it's Omega eggs because the runny yolks are deep in orange colors. Eat while it's hot, cracked it, remove from shells, garnish with a dash of pepper and soy sauce. If you like dip with breads, perfect way to eat like that =D

Half-boiled eggs estimated around [RM2.00]

Big Runny yolks with a dash of peppers and soy sauce

Happily cracking out the eggs

Removing white eggs inside

My favorites ^_^ 

Of many food, I like most are the roasted sandwiches bread that looks like a burger shape. Divided into half and spread with butter and kaya, munching inside the mouth definitely thumbs up. What I love the most is the "Kaya" [coconut] spread. Home made with secret recipe that combines everything so good!! Must try this!! The owner is GENEROUS with butter and kaya. You can request for more kaya and butter. xD

AAAuummm.. Yum yum xD

See, spread like this!!

Roasted bread with kaya and butter

She love it too!! xD

Kopi-O Kao Kao [RM1.20]

Definitely it's not enough for us, we do ordered Chicken Rice and a plate of Char Kuey Teow. Smooth chicken breast meat, fragrant rice with spices making me want to eat more. And I'm also shocked this plate of Char Keuy Teow only cost [RM3.50] Fried by elderly lady that looks like a grandma friendly speaking fluent with Mandarin base. Less oil, filling with fish cakes and prawns.. I'm a bit upset want to try Wan Mee but finished!!

Char Kuey Teow [RM3.50]

Chicken Rice [RM4.50]

Are you coffee lover? Come check this out yourself. Drink out at your heart. I love this very much, and after food I ordered extra Kopi-O kao kao. Damn like coffee taste!! I think per cup is RM1.20  =D

Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann
Jalan Kasawari 5,
Taman Eng Ann,
Klang, Selangor.
Business Hours : 6.30am to 4.30pm, closed on Tuesday.
Contact : +6012-679 3799.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kashmir Cafe @ SS3 Kelana Jaya

It's been a while I'm blogging about Indian food. Malaysia where the place I born and I live with it, varieties of food available here. I found another Indian food in SS3 that serve good food. Introduced by friends that is  working around SS3 area, I joined them for lunch that day. First it's hard for me to locate the shop, need to on GPS as this shop it's deep inside SS3 residential area.
Food with price range listed

Behind kitchen

After a big round of searching, I concluded the most easiest way to get here, is through Western Digital T-Junction. No worries, I will be posting a map guide at the bottom later. As soon as I stepped inside, i realized this shop it's very clean. I'm impressed by cleanliness at first glance. Waiter do serve me well, taking order in a quick way

Clean and neat

The popular dish over here is Banana Leaves. I declined to have banana leaves during lunch because it will make sleepy at the noon time during working hours, thus I opted for Garlic Naan with Tandoori Chicken. I need to wait a little bit longer as they need time to grill tandoori chicken.

Varieties of curry gravies

I'm attracted to a lot varieties of curry gravies that they serve here. Counted as in Fish Curry, Chicken Curry, Dhall Curry, Mint spices, etc that makes me drooling. All you need to do is pick the type of curry you want to drench your naan. Must eat with hands, finger licking good!! xD

Golden Cheese Naan
Cheese Naan with Mint, Dhal and spices

Why I like naan so much? Naan is a recipe that involves mixing white flour with salt, a yeast culture, and enough yogurt to make a smooth, elastic dough. The dough is kneaded for a few minutes, then set aside to rise for a few hours. Once risen, the dough is divided into balls (about 100 grams or 3.5 oz each), which are flattened and cooked. You can added toppings such as cheese, garlic, etc for your own cravings. Elastic, fragrant and most important less oil compare to Roti Canai.

Delicious Garlic Naan with tandoori Chicken

With all the spices and curry garvies

Tandoori chicken is a popular dish consisting of roasted chicken prepared with yogurt and spices. The chicken is marinated in yogurt and seasoned with the secret spices that is imported from India. It is traditionally cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor (clay oven), but can also be prepared on a traditional barbecue grill.

My favorite Teh-O Limau ^_^

Before you eat tandoori chicken, squeeze limau kasturi on the chicken meat, sourish yet opening up flavors. I love to wrapped tandoori chicken with naan together and eat like that. Just like eating a sandwich bread. Delicious, just at the right taste, not too salty, not too spicy. Of course with a cup of cold drinks after eating, Teh-O Limau Ice is always my favorite, can't resist it. Like Indian food? =D

Kashmir Cafes (Halal)
No 58, Jalan SS3/31,
University Garden, Kelana Jaya
47300 Petaling Jaya
GPS: N3.09454, E101.61223
Tel: 03 7873 6622
Business hours: 7.00am – 10.00pm daily