Saturday, January 14, 2012

UFO Desserts & Drinks @ SS2

Back with food blog this time, first review I read over this UFO Desserts & Drinks @ SS2 from Issac Tan, one of the famous food blogger in social networking chains. Wondering what is UFO at first, once clicking, opening page and scroll down only realized is another Taiwanese Desserts Shop. Been growing like mushrooms in Malaysia, nevertheless I should try it out. I was looking for this shop quite sometimes in SS2, somehow timing is right at the same time I was invited by friend which is familiar in SS2 for Yum Char session. Hehehehe... xD

Front Shop

Located in SS2, just beside Wing's Cafe, UFO Desserts & Drinks open daily from 1pm-1am. Business is good during night time especially after 10pm, everyone coming out for supper or Yum Char, you know KL's people nothing much to do but to love eat and eat. As usual you need to queue up for ordering session. To make easy for ordering session, menu labelled clearly with big transparent bill board so that you're able to view all at one time. Staffs been friendly is also another credit for smoothing ordering session.

Menu for ordering

Cashier Front shop

I was wondering why this dessert shop named UFO, any logic behind? Maybe they are aliens in this shop? Lolz, lame of me... hehe. There you go, I unlocked mystery of UFO. I saw UFO in this shop!! @_@ UFO its actually a trademark device for ordering tag, replacing printed numbering in paper form. Eco friendly which I believe this device is actually can be recycle, save trees cutting down on papers. Act like a buzzer blinking & vibrates to inform your ordering process is ready for collection at the counter. Attractive? Now you can play around this device for a few minutes while waiting.. =P

UFO device

UFO offering varieties series of desserts including grass jelly, QQ ball, soya ice and matcha ice for base range while toppings including peanuts, aloe vera, crystal pearl, yogurt popping balls, pearls, etc etc. Here you can choose 1 topping RM4.50 or 3 toppings RM6.00 for your ice. Signature for this dessert will be Classic UFO RM6.00 including QQ Balls, Grass Jelly, Grass Jelly Ice and Creamer. Tasty, worth for the money value =)

Classic UFO  RM6.00

QQ Balls, Grass Jelly, Grass Jelly Ice and Creamer

Next will be UFO Lemon Ai-Yu is also another famous dessert in UFO. RM4.50 with Yogurt popping balls, Ai-Yu Jelly, shaved ice & lemon juice. These transparent globes burst in your mouth, spewing sweetish sour yogurt, tasting fluid that is simply delightful to eat. For those who love sour taste, lemon juice mixing up together with all the ingredients giving kicking taste that definitely thumbs up. xD

UFO Lemon Ai-Yu RM4.50

Enjoying myself with lovely dessert, will be back for second time to try some other light snacks & drinks in this shop. Reasonable price for tea time or hang out with friends. Wifi available too at this shop, so drop by to UFO today. Have a nice day! xD

UFO Desserts & Drinks
Jalan SS2/60, SS2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS : N03 07.119' E101 37.437'
(Same row with CIMB Bank)
Opening hours: Daily 1pm - 1am