Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong @ Ipoh

Talking about Ipoh, always in my ears "Ipoh, Nga Choy Kai" name familiar every where not just in Malaysia but in oversea too. Nga Choy Kai in Cantonese translation which means Bean Sprouts Chicken located Jalan Yau Tet Shin quite near to Foh San Dim Sum area, you can easily get there. My dinner towards around 8.00 pm more lightly not much people because rained.

Famous in Ipoh

Everyone came out late night, otherwise normal days will packed like sardine tin until no place to seat. Be sure you're early to get PARKING and a table, unless you're willing to queue and wait your turn to get seat. Orders are taken down in quick way without delay.

Open space kitchen

Eyes been looking around to see what I snap down for my blog post. Immediately I saw their open space kitchen, how they handle and prepare food to serve customers. Nothing much to hide, mostly younger guys are working over here. Here of the owner of the shop are in 30's too.Got to know some how waiters aren't friendly, they will sound you improper way when you place wrong orders.

Dishes we ordered.

Food served within 20 mins, I would said quite fast in away because everything it's ready earlier before they started business. I'm shocked by the quantity portion, rather huge for 3-4 persons. Was thinking if we can finish all the stuffs that we ordered.

Nga Choy Kai with mountain water

Taugeh [Bean Sprouts] famous because planted with fresh mountain water flowing from lime stones. Taugeh here are very special, shorter and fatter than the usual taugeh. Big portion seasoned with pepper powder, light soy sauce and oil. Not forgetting fried chopped scallions and red chilies garnished on top before serving. First time tasted "juicy, crunchy plus fatty shape cute!"

Steamed Chicken the smoothness texture

Taugeh must eat together with Steamed Chicken claim that their chicken's skin is the smoothness texture and tender in flesh. As usual mixed with light soy sauce, oil, garnished with chilies and daun bawang for serving. I like chicken meat moist enough to eat. One word delicious!

pork balls big like a ping pong balls

Beside that I love their pork balls in the soup. Big like a ping pong balls, bouncing, chewy and crunchy inside my mouth plus the sweetness of the soup can't describe with words. Take me twice to finish up each of the pork ball, too big to feed into my mouth at one time.

Steamed Chicken feet

My friend like chicken feet, thus he ordered extra dish for his craving. According to him chicken feet was only so so because opposite On Kee is must more better than Lou Wong. I have no comments on it because to me it's fine. Chicken feet are well steamed, moist and soft.

Smooth Koay Teow soup

Mixed everything and eat!! Thumbs up!!

Oh ya, not forgetting the Koay Teow soup. I did give myself a try on it. Not bad I would said sweet in flavorful soup that contains chicken bones, parts and served with a dash of pepper.. Fine tiny Koay Teow into my mouth are very much popular among the locals, beside that they do have Sa Hor Fun, white rice and [oil rice] nasi minyak for additional choice.

Lou Wong's motto "The Famous In Town"

Lou Wong's motto "The Famous In Town" price are almost the similar to the Jalan Gasing Chicken Rice. Be sure you're patient enough on the environment here. Recommended to eat, remember come early. I'm lucky escaped the large crowd, check out my previous post on White Coffee.

Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau
(Bean Sprouts Chicken/Nga Choy Kai)
49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong @ Jalan Timah, Ipoh

After sweating and walking in the caves, it's time for tea breaks. Talking about tea time, my friend automatic said "come la I bring to Ipoh Old Town Coffee". Lol.. Ipoh Old Town coffee?? Sounds familiar this name..because I used to drink in the office during tea breaks, those are instant packets. Now I have chance to try the real white office in Old Town Ipoh. Excited.. let go's!!

Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong since 1937

I'm not very familiar with all this road, thanks to my ex-colleagues recommended me a few places for white coffee. According to him "White Coffee located along Jalan Bijih Timah" with a few shop lots that consist Sin Yoon Loong, Nam Heong, Ah Chow, Nam Chau, etc. All these coffee shops do serve brew coffee that is famous for generations. It's very easy to recognize, corner lot opposite 20 storey flats in Ipoh Old Town.

Generations to generations until today

My first choice was the Sin Yoon Loong, walked in "FULL HOUSE", waited for 20 mins just to get a place to seat. Disappointing at the end gave up, walk to opposite next door Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee also packed, walked to Ah Chow Coffee but it's closed. Disappointing turning back to Sin Yoon Loong, was hoping there's a place for us. Along the way, while I'm asking for direction, one old uncle told me Sin Yoon Loong is the best, this even make me an effort to go for it.

The owner of the white coffee, perhaps is the owner's son

At last we reached, it's FULL HOUSE, waited 20 min again just to get a place to sit. I'm lucky behind the table actually moving out, faster seated first before waitress cleaning table. Phew~ Hot, thirsty, right after cleaning table waitress took my order. Adik "mau apa?" Definitely "White Coffee" Iced Satu. It served within 10 min and it's cost only RM1.60 for a cup of white coffee. Cheap?

White Coffee RM1.60

Immediately tasted it, thumbs up!! Fragrant of coffee from the drink, using "pulled" like teh tarik style, giving a kick into coffee. I enjoyed the atmosphere Kopitiam whereby elderly citizens sitting here talking to pass the time. Recalling my late grandfather's Hainanese coffee, definitely classic. Smooth coffee and not too sweet even it's cold with ice, they still preserved coffee taste. Within 20 mins I finished a glass of white coffee!! And I'm going for second round because it's too thirsty plus I can't stop drinking it.

.Enjoying drinking it!! =D

Wanted to try Nynoya kuih but it's too late, after 4pm mostly the shops are close, but if you want to drink coffee still available. And, I managed to try Kai Tan Cake filled with jam. It's cost RM0.60 each. Soft and moist to go with coffee, tasted good!!

Kan Tan Cake [RM0.60] each

Finished all, Burp~ xD

They place is packed and it's hard to find parking. Be sure you're early to get parking and a place for seat. First come first serve, I would be some other time to try their morning breakfast. Happy at least I tasted the original white coffee here. By the way, Sin Yoon Loong, one of the oldest traditional Hainanese coffee shops in old town, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. They served quality hot and cold beverages, toasts with kaya (a favourite Malaysian coconut jam), Chinese sponge cakes and other local delights. I'm am proud to be Hainanese because I love coffee!!

Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong
15A, Jalan Bandar Timah,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Business hours: 6AM-5PM

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sam Poh Tong @ Gopeng Road, Ipoh

Next destination would be famous Cave Temple Sam Poh Tong after visting Kek Look Tong. Sam Poh Tong is called(Cavern of Triple Gems) whereby is a Chinese Temple constructed in a limestone cave. It is located at Gunung Rapat area and if you drive along Jalan Gopeng heading towards Simpang Pulai, you will see the Chinese Temple on your left on the limestone hill right after the Petronas station. The first Temple would be the Ling Sen Tong and you just drive straight until you see Sam Poh Tong at your left.

Cave Temple Sam Poh Tong

I remembered this place well, been here before, when I was 7 years old, my late grandfather's ashes stored here inside temple's compound. In addition to the Buddhist cave temple, the temple's compound includes a crematorium and a columbarium. This area becomes packed at Ching Ming Festival falls on 4th April every year when Chinese paying respects to their ancestors.

Everything changed, previously compare to this time. As I walk in I saw huge fencing outside Sam Poh Tong covered with marble design looks like great wall of China. And I saw a lot beggars especially old ladies been begging for money. Sympathy came across my mind without thinking so much, I took out my wallet donate a small amount to them.

Main entrance to Sam Poh Tong

Saw some monkeys climbing roof top

Beside that, got one old lady has been selling the tortoises’ feed for years. The ‘Kangkong’ leaves in a small bunches cost RM1. I never forget the memory of visiting tortoise, and I want to go again this time, I don't mind buying for the tortoises’ feed. After snapping photos, I carry on to visit tortoise inside the cave.

Tortoise feeding

Getting lesser and lesser tortoises over here

The main altar area is smaller than I expected and filled with statues of Buddha and deities. A staircase leads up to an upper level where there are a few more statues in display cases. Behind a padlocked gate are some steps leading up the hillside but the path seems abandoned and overgrown. Beyond the altar is a passage way leading out to a secluded garden containing the 'tortoise pond' and an ornate pagoda building with red roof tiles. Last time place well highlighted and it's famous for tourist destination. During the prayers timer, totally packed with people at all.

A fenced-off pool of vivid dark green water surrounded
by an assortment of turtles sitting on a drab brick pavement.

The pond was disappointing saw a fenced-off pool of muddy green water surrounded by an assortment of tortoises sitting on a drab brick pavement. Pond's water down sizing plus small portion of water for tortoise to wet their bodies.The water was changed irregularly and that the living conditions totally poor with savage smell. I purchased a bunch of kangkung (swamp spinach) from a old lady at the entrance and I threw pieces over the fence to get tortoises attractions. Wondering if they really eat this bunch of Kangkung. They seemed lazy but eventually gobbled down the food.

The pagoda building is reminiscent of Buddhist temples in Japan

The pagoda building is of Buddhist temples similar to Buddhist temples in Japan but it was also fenced off and padlocked. The whole area is completely encircled by towering cliffs and dead road exit other than the passageway back into the cave temple. It was a silent and forlorn place, not helped by the fact, and the only sounds I could hear were the tortoise doing belly-flops into the pond and the abundant mosquitoes buzzing near my ears. Sound's creepy during the night time.

Visitors taking pictures

Cave filled with limestones

A group visitors mainly are family group busy taking photos here. Really hope, they can maintain this place well so that they can attract more tourist to visit this cave again. It took me 30 min to visit here poor maintenance nothing much to visit, walked out with disappointing feelings.

Sam Poh Tong
No. 36543, Jln Raja Dr Nazrin Shah,
31350 Ipoh, Perak

Kek Look Tong @ Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

After lunch at Dai Shu Geok ( 大树脚/大树头) , we carry out our first activity visiting cave. My friend was interested outdoor activities thus he bring us to Kek Look Tong in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh. Slightly 30 min drive from the Ipoh town. Rather confusing at first to find this place, because in ipoh there's a lot cave hidden out there and the road is a bit tedious, it took us sometime depending on the GPS to guide there.

The Kek Look Tong Cave Temple is a tourist attraction for cave. The cave complex comprises a central altar featuring a number of Buddhist figures as well as various deities of the Chinese pantheon. Surrounded by stunning stalactites and stalagmite formations, the cave provides a peaceful prayer site for Buddhist devotees and general enjoyment for the public. More info about the this history, read here

Popular Tourist Attractions

Kek Look Tong in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh

Walking towards entrance

Free admissions to public

Photography behind beautiful limestone

Natural beauty limestone #1

Natural beauty limestone #2

Wild life here, cute little monkey

Place of worship

Cooling place to be

Guan Yin statue behind

Taoist and Buddhist statues #1

Taoist and Buddhist statues #2

Pond with Koi Fishes

Behind backyard garden #1

Behind backyard garden #2

Behind backyard garden #3

Koi Fishes in front Garden

Photo in front garden with Guan Yin statue

Beside visiting cave, they have landscape garden, Buddhist statue, natural flora and fauna, and it's a place for Geological studies for those who're interested in geology especially in limestone. Free entrance to public, opening from 7am till 6pm daily including public holidays. For those who like nature can do drop by here.

Kek Look Tong
Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, Perak
Contact: 05-312-81129
Opening hours
Daily, 7am - 6pm,
including public holidays

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yong Tau Foo @ Big Tree Foot Pasir Pinji Ipoh

After visiting Sin Eng Heong, my friend bring me to hawker stalls for lunch. I said "what? hawker stalls? Now? noon time very hot and stuffy". My friend slowly explained to me. Let's continue below:-

Talking about Yong Tau Fu, I know Ampang Yong Tau Fu is very famous in KL, but coming to Ipoh this is my first time trying the most famous Yong Tau Fu stall at Big Tree Foot a.k.a Dai Shu Geok ( 大树脚/大树头) in Pasir Pinji. It's hard to get parking over here, you are advise to come early before noon time to avoid large crowd. Once I arrived here, it's humid under big foot tree and cooling sheltered with covered roof. Long time never have this kind of feeling when I'm back into my hometown.

Dai Shu Geok ( 大树脚/大树头)

Walk in get a place to sit, automatic waitress and waitress will come to serve you accordingly. Varieties of hawkers food over here, chicken rice, yong tau fu, popiah, chee cheong fun, rojak, porridge, satay, etc. to choose from. I would like to all the food here, but my main purpose is to try out Yong Tau Fu. Without delay, my friend order the most famous Yong Tau Fu for me to try out.

Price list of Yong Tau Fu

Fish Balls, Sui Kow, Tau Pok, Fuu Chuk are among the fried stuffs

At first I was rather weird, he stand up to order, self service where by you need to walk over to the Yong Tau Fu stall to get Yong Liu [ingredients] that you want at the counter before they serve on your table.

Select and pick yourself, each is [RM0.60]

vegetables such as biter gourd, chili, lady fingers

Everything is cheap over here. Each piece of Yong Tau Fu cost RM0.60 like Sui Kow, Tau Pok, Fuu Chuk are among the fried stuffs, vegetables such as biter gourd, chili, lady fingers etc are available too.As soon as you selected the ingredients, you will need to hand in to them to proceed your order.

I'm sure just Yong Liu [ingredients] it's not enough full, I ordered the famous Laksa [RM2.80] to add-on into my dish. Laksa I ate a lot before, but not for Mihun Laksa. Friend recommended me to try Mihun Laksa. "AAiikksss? Mihun laksa nice meh?" For those who, can't take spicy food, there's option for other noodles. You can even order mi soup or dried noodles, I hear it's not bad too.

The famous red bean juice, dragon fruits juice and ampram juice

After that we back to our seating table, our drinks being served in a quick time. We have the famous red bean juice, dragon fruits juice and ampram juice. Big cup of cold drinks this hour in the noon really easing our thirst. Just at the right sugar level, with a fine blend into it. Each drink cost about RM1.60 to RM1.80]

Chinese Rojak [RM2.50]

Extra additional desserts will be the local hand made Chinese rojak came with fresh fruits, vegetables and key ingredients they included prawn crackers. Once I tasted the rojak, automatic reminded of my Ah Chai rojak in my hometown, similar taste but a bit different in rojak paste. Requested mild spicy on the rojak paste, just nice to eat as desserts or appetizers. It cost about RM[2.50]

Mi hun Laksa [RM2.80]

Yong Tau Fu is huge!!

Came together with a bowl of soup and chili sauce!!

Here's come our Yong Tau Fu with laksa. We try each and everyone, fresh and chewy fish ball plus it's huge with only RM0.60. Where can you find this price in KL? I like Yong Tau Fu chili paste!! Spicy kicking my taste buds. Plus go with laksa soup definitely thumbs up. Spicy plus a lot fresh ikan kembung into the laksa soup, makes me requested for extra laksa soup to dip into Yong Tau Fu.

Sapu habis... hahahaha!! Burp~

Humid and cooling eating under big foot

Worth while to try here. it's so good until we cleared all the food and left those empty plates. Satisfied without any complaint, the only thing I worry is during raining season is this place is with lot's of people too?? Must visit when this stall when you're in Pasir Pinji Ipoh.

Dai Shu Geok aka Big Tree Foot( 大树脚/大树头)
No 652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-5245408
Business hours: 8.30AM – 5.30PM