Friday, November 23, 2012

Yong Tau Foo @ Big Tree Foot Pasir Pinji Ipoh

After visiting Sin Eng Heong, my friend bring me to hawker stalls for lunch. I said "what? hawker stalls? Now? noon time very hot and stuffy". My friend slowly explained to me. Let's continue below:-

Talking about Yong Tau Fu, I know Ampang Yong Tau Fu is very famous in KL, but coming to Ipoh this is my first time trying the most famous Yong Tau Fu stall at Big Tree Foot a.k.a Dai Shu Geok ( 大树脚/大树头) in Pasir Pinji. It's hard to get parking over here, you are advise to come early before noon time to avoid large crowd. Once I arrived here, it's humid under big foot tree and cooling sheltered with covered roof. Long time never have this kind of feeling when I'm back into my hometown.

Dai Shu Geok ( 大树脚/大树头)

Walk in get a place to sit, automatic waitress and waitress will come to serve you accordingly. Varieties of hawkers food over here, chicken rice, yong tau fu, popiah, chee cheong fun, rojak, porridge, satay, etc. to choose from. I would like to all the food here, but my main purpose is to try out Yong Tau Fu. Without delay, my friend order the most famous Yong Tau Fu for me to try out.

Price list of Yong Tau Fu

Fish Balls, Sui Kow, Tau Pok, Fuu Chuk are among the fried stuffs

At first I was rather weird, he stand up to order, self service where by you need to walk over to the Yong Tau Fu stall to get Yong Liu [ingredients] that you want at the counter before they serve on your table.

Select and pick yourself, each is [RM0.60]

vegetables such as biter gourd, chili, lady fingers

Everything is cheap over here. Each piece of Yong Tau Fu cost RM0.60 like Sui Kow, Tau Pok, Fuu Chuk are among the fried stuffs, vegetables such as biter gourd, chili, lady fingers etc are available too.As soon as you selected the ingredients, you will need to hand in to them to proceed your order.

I'm sure just Yong Liu [ingredients] it's not enough full, I ordered the famous Laksa [RM2.80] to add-on into my dish. Laksa I ate a lot before, but not for Mihun Laksa. Friend recommended me to try Mihun Laksa. "AAiikksss? Mihun laksa nice meh?" For those who, can't take spicy food, there's option for other noodles. You can even order mi soup or dried noodles, I hear it's not bad too.

The famous red bean juice, dragon fruits juice and ampram juice

After that we back to our seating table, our drinks being served in a quick time. We have the famous red bean juice, dragon fruits juice and ampram juice. Big cup of cold drinks this hour in the noon really easing our thirst. Just at the right sugar level, with a fine blend into it. Each drink cost about RM1.60 to RM1.80]

Chinese Rojak [RM2.50]

Extra additional desserts will be the local hand made Chinese rojak came with fresh fruits, vegetables and key ingredients they included prawn crackers. Once I tasted the rojak, automatic reminded of my Ah Chai rojak in my hometown, similar taste but a bit different in rojak paste. Requested mild spicy on the rojak paste, just nice to eat as desserts or appetizers. It cost about RM[2.50]

Mi hun Laksa [RM2.80]

Yong Tau Fu is huge!!

Came together with a bowl of soup and chili sauce!!

Here's come our Yong Tau Fu with laksa. We try each and everyone, fresh and chewy fish ball plus it's huge with only RM0.60. Where can you find this price in KL? I like Yong Tau Fu chili paste!! Spicy kicking my taste buds. Plus go with laksa soup definitely thumbs up. Spicy plus a lot fresh ikan kembung into the laksa soup, makes me requested for extra laksa soup to dip into Yong Tau Fu.

Sapu habis... hahahaha!! Burp~

Humid and cooling eating under big foot

Worth while to try here. it's so good until we cleared all the food and left those empty plates. Satisfied without any complaint, the only thing I worry is during raining season is this place is with lot's of people too?? Must visit when this stall when you're in Pasir Pinji Ipoh.

Dai Shu Geok aka Big Tree Foot( 大树脚/大树头)
No 652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-5245408
Business hours: 8.30AM – 5.30PM