Saturday, October 30, 2010

Laptop Vacuum

Wondering what gadget is this?? Hair dryer? No, it's not.. Let me share with you what is this... I found this gadget in my sis bag, I'm attracted, quickly have a closer look on this item. Huh....It's Laptop vacuum.. What?? I can't believe it.. I hear of house hold item vacuum but not laptop vacuum. o.O

First time ever see laptop vacuum using USB port, just plug n play there you go.. There's a light function for your convenience especially if you want to clean tiny areas or you want vacuum in the dark.

After you plug into USB port, there is a button for you to adjust to low or high power mode. You can adjust low or high volume when you're doing cleaning process.

There 2 are options either you can vacuum with brush or you can vacuum with hose tube. All is base on your preferences. It helps you to clean laptop nicely. I don't need to be headache every time use a big house old vacuum. Gently removed dust.... =D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

OneFm Ford Escape Rangers

On the way home from work, I came across of OneFm Ford Escape Rangers in SS12 Subang Jaya. They're parking in front of Domino Pizza. Normally these hours I tune on OneFm chinese radio station for nice music. When they announced that they're some where around Subang Jaya, I quickly turn my direction, drop by to get some nice freebies. I always marked where they're are.. normally I miss the chance coz their hot spots in my office area always. I keep on telling myself, I will meet you all 1 day.. today is the lucky day... hahahaha

I wanted movie tickets but ended I got these freebies~ They are playing game "Har" & "Hee" which makes everyone looks funny and silly. The guy is very funny, coz he doesn't know which is left and right, ended up he disqualified from the game. Myself not bad, I got cute funny teddy bear..!! =D OneFm "U R my No.1" <-- My favorite radio station =D

Bookmark & Car Stickers

Lam sum freebies I got it =)

Milo mini notepad

Gatsby Dedorant Perfume Spray

Me Cute Little Bear =D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Souvenirs from Shanghai, China

Early in the morning, without dressing up and we're still in pajamas suit, two ladies started early conversation at dining hall. My mom landed in KLIA monday midnight after 1 month vacation with my daddy in Shanghai, China. Breaking ice early in the morning, she opened her luggage bag showing me all her souvenirs that she bought during her vacation trip. O_O

I'm shocked to see her luggage bag loaded so much of things. Wondering what did she buy for us. Aaaawww.... i can see clothes, sandals, tea bags, can food, chocolates. @.@ So packed, once i open all the stuffs start to bump out...She must be buying for the whole family.... iissshhh~~

Where is my souvenir? What mommy got for me? Let me dig... treasure hunt... hahahaha. After digging 5 min, I found mine... I got 2 set of long sleeve tee.... blacky with striping line. I love them much. I wonder if is nice if I wear it... lalalala~ can't wait to try ... =P Thank mommy for your souvenir. =D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family dinner at Sakae Sushi

Since mom is away for vacation, I really miss mom home cook food but still have to eat and move forward... Mommy not at home, is time to enjoy good food... hehehehe... Weekend is definitely good for makan makan. This time we had Sakae Sushi at Subang Parade.We been visiting this shop quite often, but we try different type of food that serve in Sakae Sushi.

We went there almost 8pm, food is getting lesser n lesser on the sushi rolls, we have to click on the screen to order our foods. Hungry when i opened the menu, but often it's my problem dunno what to eat, coz there are too many varieties feel like sapu habis the whole menu books... hahahaha

Is always my priority to take all the photos before food. This time I took photo with SE Vivaz Proz cam phone, the magnificent of SE good quality in camera, at least cam it's better than Nokia. I have edited with photoscape before uploading it here.  Let see the photos what I had for my dinner... =D enjoying myself with the food.

Tofu Tuna

Soft Shell Crab California Roll

My favoritism California Roll =P

Chicken Terayaki Don

Cheryl:  Don't rampas my food~

Curry Chicken Don

Always the two couples =D

Kurage Sushi

Soba Soup set with Prawn Tempura

Melisa: Wanna share some?

Fried Prawn Tempura

 Melisa: Aum, 1 bite of my prawn =P

Fish Egg Sushi

Mini Salmon Rice Sushi

Minced Soft Crab Sushi

Fried Vegetable

Salmon Avacado Sushi

Salmon Avacado Sushi (8 Pieces)

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Birthday 2010

Long time did not update my blog, here's another update for this Oct month. Today we're celebrating birthday for October baby. I miss the way we're celebrated last time in our department. More and more is leaving and news members are joining us soon. Today is Sai lon's birthday, he is our Operation Manager in SQC Malaysia. Wish Sai Lon's a very happy birthday. Bless him with good health always.

We bought Vanilla ICE-CREAM cake. Have ever hear before ice-cream cake? See this what I mean ICE-CREAM cake. You must be surprising to see this cake.. coz it's a normal ordinary cake in front of your eyes. 80% it's covering with ice-cream while 10% is soft layer cake and the rest is icing creams. For those who buy this cake, immediately must store into fridge other it will melt very soon. This cake bought in Paramount cake house just opposite shell station. Yummy ice-cream melting inside mouth =D

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge

Every time talking about what to eat for breakfast, lunch  or dinner?? I always tired to answer everyone, so I decided to refer some food blog. After browsing through I have varieties of food choices, rather than giving excuses "I dunno what 2 eat" or "cincai la, up 2 you". I came across this food from Malaysia Food & Travel Blog. Guess what?? Don't be surprise, I'm eating something that is exotic~ Sure you all will faint... hahaha =P

What I'm talking about is Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge. I'm eating frogs~
I tried this porridge originally from Singapore last year during my company annual dinner trip. I met up with Steven, he bring me to Geylang 13 to eat Frog Porridge. I enjoyed it supper with him.

It's been almost 1 year, I miss this frog porridge so much, some how I'm connected with frog porridge again. This time I don't need go all the way till Singapore to eat anymore, I can eat in Malaysia. U hear me? I repeat, I can eat in Malaysia. This shop located in Ss2, same row with Island Cafe, further down 3rd or 4th shop. If you're not sure another landmark would be same row with Ambank.

Plain Porridge RM5 (3 person portions)

Dried Chili Frog Leg (Kong Pou) - 3 person portion

Lot's of Dry chilies and bawang! Yum =P

Fresh Frog Legs.. Yummy

Plain porridge

Once I stepped into the shop, it's well decorated with Chinese architecture, lot's of poster refer to Singapore. There are a few types of frog dishes based on your choice. The most famous is Dried Chili Frog Leg (Kong Pou). We ordered 3 frog legs cost RM33 for 3 persons, each frog leg cost RM11. Not forgetting porridge, we ordered RM5 big bowl of porridge for 3 persons.

It cooked in clay pot which is good to eat. It's best to eat during rainy days when the weather it's cold. I love frog meat, flesh it's fresh and smooth & spicy when you eat. Lot's of bones, you have to be careful when you eat. Alright I'm not to going to further explain.. Let refer to blog of Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge for this food review. Recommended to eat!! =D

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho

I started of Oct month with a book. I'm surprised to receive The Pilgrimage book from good friend of mine. Such an honor to receive special gift from him. Accordingly to my friend, The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho book is limited edition copy written by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho is an enchanting storyteller, inspiring people all over the world to see beyond the ordinary and into remarkable. Paulo Coelho books have had a life-enhancing impact on million of peoples.

As I flipped over the book, I saw this note, I'm touched with the notes. All I can say thank you, for your book, I will read it up and utilize it in my life. THANK YOU!! =)