Friday, October 22, 2010

October Birthday 2010

Long time did not update my blog, here's another update for this Oct month. Today we're celebrating birthday for October baby. I miss the way we're celebrated last time in our department. More and more is leaving and news members are joining us soon. Today is Sai lon's birthday, he is our Operation Manager in SQC Malaysia. Wish Sai Lon's a very happy birthday. Bless him with good health always.

We bought Vanilla ICE-CREAM cake. Have ever hear before ice-cream cake? See this what I mean ICE-CREAM cake. You must be surprising to see this cake.. coz it's a normal ordinary cake in front of your eyes. 80% it's covering with ice-cream while 10% is soft layer cake and the rest is icing creams. For those who buy this cake, immediately must store into fridge other it will melt very soon. This cake bought in Paramount cake house just opposite shell station. Yummy ice-cream melting inside mouth =D