Thursday, October 28, 2010

OneFm Ford Escape Rangers

On the way home from work, I came across of OneFm Ford Escape Rangers in SS12 Subang Jaya. They're parking in front of Domino Pizza. Normally these hours I tune on OneFm chinese radio station for nice music. When they announced that they're some where around Subang Jaya, I quickly turn my direction, drop by to get some nice freebies. I always marked where they're are.. normally I miss the chance coz their hot spots in my office area always. I keep on telling myself, I will meet you all 1 day.. today is the lucky day... hahahaha

I wanted movie tickets but ended I got these freebies~ They are playing game "Har" & "Hee" which makes everyone looks funny and silly. The guy is very funny, coz he doesn't know which is left and right, ended up he disqualified from the game. Myself not bad, I got cute funny teddy bear..!! =D OneFm "U R my No.1" <-- My favorite radio station =D

Bookmark & Car Stickers

Lam sum freebies I got it =)

Milo mini notepad

Gatsby Dedorant Perfume Spray

Me Cute Little Bear =D