Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family dinner at Sakae Sushi

Since mom is away for vacation, I really miss mom home cook food but still have to eat and move forward... Mommy not at home, is time to enjoy good food... hehehehe... Weekend is definitely good for makan makan. This time we had Sakae Sushi at Subang Parade.We been visiting this shop quite often, but we try different type of food that serve in Sakae Sushi.

We went there almost 8pm, food is getting lesser n lesser on the sushi rolls, we have to click on the screen to order our foods. Hungry when i opened the menu, but often it's my problem dunno what to eat, coz there are too many varieties feel like sapu habis the whole menu books... hahahaha

Is always my priority to take all the photos before food. This time I took photo with SE Vivaz Proz cam phone, the magnificent of SE good quality in camera, at least cam it's better than Nokia. I have edited with photoscape before uploading it here.  Let see the photos what I had for my dinner... =D enjoying myself with the food.

Tofu Tuna

Soft Shell Crab California Roll

My favoritism California Roll =P

Chicken Terayaki Don

Cheryl:  Don't rampas my food~

Curry Chicken Don

Always the two couples =D

Kurage Sushi

Soba Soup set with Prawn Tempura

Melisa: Wanna share some?

Fried Prawn Tempura

 Melisa: Aum, 1 bite of my prawn =P

Fish Egg Sushi

Mini Salmon Rice Sushi

Minced Soft Crab Sushi

Fried Vegetable

Salmon Avacado Sushi

Salmon Avacado Sushi (8 Pieces)