Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Souvenirs from Shanghai, China

Early in the morning, without dressing up and we're still in pajamas suit, two ladies started early conversation at dining hall. My mom landed in KLIA monday midnight after 1 month vacation with my daddy in Shanghai, China. Breaking ice early in the morning, she opened her luggage bag showing me all her souvenirs that she bought during her vacation trip. O_O

I'm shocked to see her luggage bag loaded so much of things. Wondering what did she buy for us. Aaaawww.... i can see clothes, sandals, tea bags, can food, chocolates. @.@ So packed, once i open all the stuffs start to bump out...She must be buying for the whole family.... iissshhh~~

Where is my souvenir? What mommy got for me? Let me dig... treasure hunt... hahahaha. After digging 5 min, I found mine... I got 2 set of long sleeve tee.... blacky with striping line. I love them much. I wonder if is nice if I wear it... lalalala~ can't wait to try ... =P Thank mommy for your souvenir. =D