Saturday, October 30, 2010

Laptop Vacuum

Wondering what gadget is this?? Hair dryer? No, it's not.. Let me share with you what is this... I found this gadget in my sis bag, I'm attracted, quickly have a closer look on this item. Huh....It's Laptop vacuum.. What?? I can't believe it.. I hear of house hold item vacuum but not laptop vacuum. o.O

First time ever see laptop vacuum using USB port, just plug n play there you go.. There's a light function for your convenience especially if you want to clean tiny areas or you want vacuum in the dark.

After you plug into USB port, there is a button for you to adjust to low or high power mode. You can adjust low or high volume when you're doing cleaning process.

There 2 are options either you can vacuum with brush or you can vacuum with hose tube. All is base on your preferences. It helps you to clean laptop nicely. I don't need to be headache every time use a big house old vacuum. Gently removed dust.... =D