Friday, April 30, 2010

Souvenir from Bali

During tea break, got a little small gift from YongZee.  Balinese handmade wooden key chain crafted everyone's name. I got mine too... Thanks for your gift, YongZe!

Named on key chains

His n mine key chains

SQC Ricky Farewell Tea Break

Final round of gathering with Ricky, tea break time.. We had small cake as gift to Ricky. Our cake for da day is "chocolate thousand" from Secret Recipe. Don't judge the book by it's cover, It's creamy thick chocolate cheese cake, I don't touch cheese coz I hate the smell. I just try a small piece, melting once you put into your mouth, fascinating & lovely.. recommended to eat!!

Secret recipe cake - Chocolate Thousand

U like it?

We sang happy birthday song

ok, farewell time, blow candle

Ok, I want a piece ya..!

Who's want ??

Group photos

SQC Ricky Farewell Lunch

After Lim left us, another person that is very close with us is leaving us again, this is called life. There will be always people in and out all the time. Sad he will not be joining us, i'm happy for him that he will moving on with his new career advancement. His dream to set up his own business finally come true in his life. I wish him all best in his career.

Our special guest for lunch today, guess who? yeah.. that's right Lim. So happy to meet him back. He is doing good in his new company. We planning to have fast food this round.. At first we planned to have A&W then we changed to KFC in Giant hypermarket, Kelana Jaya coz it's nearer to office.  Simple lunch and we had a lots of fun together...

Ricky busy arranging table

time for food

Anything that is nice?

What food u want order?

What u guys talking about?

Makan makan time

Finger licking good!

Special guest of da day!

Eli one smile!

Post, post & post!

yeah, peace, Ricky!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

World Earth Day


Last week Thu reminds me of World Earth Day. I'm taking  effort so do something for the earth. I'm helping out to support "NO PLASTIC BAGS" when going for shopping. I always forget to bring recycle bags to local hypermarket on the selected campaign days ended up I tend to blame people on charging additional RM0.20 per plastic bag...

Now NO MORE!! I can said bye bye to plastic bags coz I made first step to change.. Last week back home, I saw this little attractive recycle bags hanging in the kitchen that reminds me "save earth, go green", quickly i took the bag n chuck into my car, so that I will never forget to bring along when shopping. It's always never too late to start if you have the passion in saving earth, as we must do our part to save the earth.

Have u too?? Start now... HAPPY WORLD EARTH DAY!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sepang Gold Coast - part 2

On the way from Port Dickson, I dropped by to Sepang Gold Coast again, to check how's the progress work construction took place... Still work progress is going on I would it's about 60% complete.. but some other parts are ready whereby you can have picnic with families. I stepped down from car, take photos, I can't help myself with nice scenery, i'm exposing myself under hot sun burning. Sea water it's currently low tight, local ppl taking this opportunity playing sand castle and collecting sea shells. Some villagers digging shells to sell in local markets. I'm planning to come back for picnic soon .... 
Sea water, low tight

Chalets still under constructions

New picnic place setup

Re-planting back tress for green nature

Shed for resting

White sand on beach

BBQ slot for picnics

Just a photo under hot sun

On the shore


Bak kut Teh - Port Dickson

After beach, next morning I had bak kut teh for breakfast. My friend is wondering is there any Bak Kut Teh in Port Dickson... We been looking all over the place until we came to this small kopitiam shop that serve this food. Is that good as in Klang??  We ordered 1 soup and 1 dry claypot bak kut teh just enough for us to eat. Soup is slightly lighter smell compare to KL, perhaps they used different herbs and spices into it. After tasted it's not bad, but I would said Klang it's the best with thick dark soup. They served only white rice with fried onions. Heavy breakfast bak kut teh for the day... lolz
Bak kut teh - RM8.90 (1 person)

Mixed meat - hot boiling

Dry bak ku teh - RM8.90 (1 person)

Mixed meat - hot boiling

white rice served together with bak kut teh

Teh tarik - RM1.05 (cheap)

Kopi-O - RM1.05 (cheap)

Gloria Beach - Port Dickson

I headed to Port Dickson last weekend to take deep fresh air, relaxing... My mind loaded with too much stuffs which make me going to get crazy soon.. Evening between 6-7pm you can watch sunset on the beach . That time I been there was windy blow just to see local people swimming and enjoying the fun in the beach. Myself can't help it to snap nice photo for memories.. Think of relax, think of beach... is that a good idea? i want to run away for city busy life style.. just sit close your eyes and listen to wave of sea....Undesirable feeling... I feel like shouting at the sea loudly.. =P

Gloria Beach view

Villagers going fishing in sea

Tourist mostly from KL

Behins is going to deep sea

Fun time, playing water

Behind the sea shore

My car is on the beach

Green view in front of the park
Resting place on the park

Friday, April 23, 2010

Winner of #MapleSEA Twitter Contest Winners - Week 1

First time ever I joined online gaming contest, so I want to participate myself for some fun. At first, I have no idea how to use TWITTER, which I created my login account about 1 year ago. I try in many ways, I asked people around doing some research on how to use twitter. After that, I only start joining it. I find it very difficult to tweet coz busy with working life.

I read a lots of forum and articles, there is a away for me to synchronize in tweeter message. But I dunno how it work,  I check with my friend Marc, about auto synchronize tweeter message. He introduced me HootSuite so i no need to worry about my posting. Another challenge is I have to think "most creative message" gosh.. cracking my head...

Thanks to Marc & Thanks to AsiaSoft, Nexon & Wizet #MapleSEA.. my handwork pays off.. I won this contest with a doll, it's not about the prize.. but it's something that statisfy on my work... lolz =P Ok, i'm going to add more oil. .to join more contest in future..

Winner of #MapleSEA Twitter Contest Winners - Week 1

Large orange mushroom plushie arrived from SG

My large orange mushroom plushie =P