Monday, April 26, 2010

Gloria Beach - Port Dickson

I headed to Port Dickson last weekend to take deep fresh air, relaxing... My mind loaded with too much stuffs which make me going to get crazy soon.. Evening between 6-7pm you can watch sunset on the beach . That time I been there was windy blow just to see local people swimming and enjoying the fun in the beach. Myself can't help it to snap nice photo for memories.. Think of relax, think of beach... is that a good idea? i want to run away for city busy life style.. just sit close your eyes and listen to wave of sea....Undesirable feeling... I feel like shouting at the sea loudly.. =P

Gloria Beach view

Villagers going fishing in sea

Tourist mostly from KL

Behins is going to deep sea

Fun time, playing water

Behind the sea shore

My car is on the beach

Green view in front of the park
Resting place on the park