Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bioi-Essence Skin Care

Lately, I changed my facial products coz i'm attracted to the packing and promotion for this particular brand called Bio-Essence. Value for money, u know la.. normally skin care products it's expensive, I buy with my own budget, so i'm looking for value pack.. gosh my act was like kiam in choosing good quality and most important is "$$$" I need care for my pocket too.. T.T

Why, women must take care of skin? Because of glamor or wanted to show off? Too bad, lots of people have bad perception in skin care products. Some said "aiya, dont waste money la.. useless..", and some will said "cheap skate to use this, better use exp product", etc & etc...

Face it's important for us in sense of overall look that give us confident in daily life. Just like part of our body whereby everyday you're expose to the dirt in  busy environment that will harm you face. Why not treat yourself better and start protects your skin?

I made a right choice and right step ahead, I choose Bio-Essence as my  skin care after I tried "X brand", I found out that Bio-Essence give me something different that I want. Simple steps in taking take of skin, as printed behind products. I'm protecting my skin from Ultra UV light , so make a step ahead to protect your skin from harmful UV.... (^.^)


Clarifying Softener & Cleaning Foam

Night and Day cream

Steps easy to follow- shown behind products

Steps easy to follow- shown behind products