Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 1: Part III - Art & Craft, Bali

Next destination, we're heading to Art & Craft Store in Ubud Art Village. Bali is famous for hand craft items It's third largest occupation after Tourism & Agriculture. It takes about an hour journey there. Ubud village is the center of Balinese Art, we pay a visit to Tohpati Village for Traditional hand-made Batik

Tohpati Village is located east side of Denpasar city, this village welknown for Batik Village. Most of the villager here making batik, there some of the batik studio you can see here, process of making batik you can observe also.The word "batik" is Indonesian-Malay in origin and it means "to dot." Similar processes of dye resistant designs have been traced to Egypt and the Middle East--about 1500 years ago but the current process for batik originated in Indonesia.

Traditional Machine to make Kain Songket

Batik workshop

The art of painting Batik

Me at the batik village ^_^

There, batik making has evolved to become one of the greatest art forms of Asia. This ancient technique involves using a wajan similar in shape to a wok for melting wax, and a canting, a wooden-handled tool with a metal tip for applying wax to create the design. No entrance ticket needed here, you can shop for your favorite paintings batik like clothes, sarung, pilow case, photo of batik painting. No photos are allowed inside the gallery as they're protected their art work, so I'm only allow to take photos outside the workshop instead of inside the art gallery. Awesome painting that cost millions of $$$.

Kartika Chandra Batik Centre
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 72 (Tohpati), Denpasar, Bali
Arts & Crafts Store (Edit)


Continue our journey to Celuk Village the Gold and Silver Smith. The gold and silver smith is at Celuk village, location is close to Batubulan village. Along way of Celuk Village about 2 km, we will find in the left and right side the various type of gold and silver shop which are opened to the domestic and international tourist. It is also inside of this village, we will find the activities and workshop of crafting which are ready to be ordered in small or huge number.

The productions of gold and silver at this village have penetrated to the local, national and international market. It can be measured from the type of artwork result and variation of ornament, good as present and also export commodity. The type of gold and silver craft has been produced in this countryside are covering various of rings, bangles, chokers, earrings, mother of pearls, Tusuk Konde, broach and other types. Beside of that, Celuk's workers are able to response the market demands and produce the modern product like medal, maket and culture symbol.

No photographs were allowed inside, due to privacy of protecting their art work. I got myself 100% pure silver pendant which is actually about RM100, good in bargaining till I the most cheapest price at RM37. I'm quite satisfied with their art work, admired their skill. Spend almost an hour there. Up next, Kintamani for buffet lunch, to watch the magnificient Mount Batur(a still active volcano) ^_^

Suwarsa Gold & Silver Art @ Celuk
Celuk, Bali, Indonesia
Arts & Crafts Store

Day 1: Part II - The Barong and Kris Dance, Bali

After breakfast, tour guide greeting us at the hotel lobby. Our first destination, travelling around Gianyar town to watch cultural dance. It is incomplete if not paying a visit to this culture dance when you're in Bali according to the tour guide. It's about 30 min drive from Kuta town. Excited with the travelling journey.

The Barong and Kris Dance is an integral part of Balinese culture. Balinese dances are famous all over the world and the Balinese themselves take them very seriously. The commercial performances for tourists that are today offered on a daily basis in several places of Bali do, of course, not have the same religious significance and atmosphere of a dance that is performed at a real temple festival.

Arriving at the cultural dance

Balinese traditional musicians

We arrived earlier 30min, to avoid large crowd.We were greeted with warm welcome by Balinese front desk and the same time distributing paper of notes about the history and story line of the Barong and Kris Dance in English version.They do have Chinese version too. Next we're heading into the hall for seating place. Lot's of places too choose from, mainly sitting in the center is the best part of all. While waiting for the  dance, we served with Balinese instrumental song to ease our bored there.

The Hall #1

The Hall #2

The Hall #3

History about the The Barong & Kris Dance

The Barong

The monkey friend

Dancers #1

Dancers #2

Dancers #3

Dancers #4

Dancers #1

The dance started at 0900hrs sharp without delay and it took an hour to complete the dance. I just summarized it, more detail, read here. the Barong dance is about restoring the balance between  good and evil and the dualities of life,  a ritual contest between chaos and order. On the stage in Kesiman or Batubulan this aspect is of course lost and it is more like a colourful musical comedy (with some slapstick elements). Nevertheless, the commercial Barong Dance performances are very interesting and you should not miss the opportunity to see one.

The Barong and Kris dance
Jl. Pasekan, Batubulan, Gianyar, Bali
Theater, Dance Studio

Day 1: Part I - Breakfast @ Hotel

Wake up as early as 0630AM, get ready by 0700AM for breakfast before we start our first program for Day 1. Our package included morning breakfast, that is buffet breakfast. The advantages, no need headache to look for food early in the morning. Love the morning scenery in Bali, holiday mood so relax =)

Western breakfast

Daughter & Mama ^_^ 

Mama enjoying too ^_^

Breakfast with family in round table

Both of them enjoying too ^_^

Breakfast was the western style, came with coffee or tea. Beside tea or coffee, they served fresh fruit juice as well. Asian breakfast were available too such as rice, to go with a few vegetables and meat. I took pancake, salad, and fruits. Wow, what a luxury breakfast early in the morning with Balinese instrumental song. Holiday means holiday enjoying till max. Eat till your jaw dropped.

Up next will be our first tour for Day 1.. please find more on next post... Cheers xD

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lavender Resort & Spa Pool Villa @ Bali

Here we are after 3 hrs journey in the aircraft, finally we landed in Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport, is located in southern Bali, 13 km south of Denpasar. It is Indonesia's third-busiest international airport. Saw from aircraft it's a sea bottom, but it's too bad, the sky too dark to see anything, despite no photos for here.

Took about an hour for check-out process. One stepping down from the plane, I smell Balinese fragrant that make me puke. I don't know why the Balinese air freshener sort of like floral smell more like traditional prayer smell need some time to adapt it.

Right after checked out from the airport, we're were greeted with a warm smell by local Balinese tour guide and pick us up to hotel. We have no problem in communicating with, both speak English well and also Bahasa Indonesia, more like similar to our Bahasa Melayu in Malaysia.

Tour guide informed us that our hotel in Kuta town is slightly 10-15 min away from the airport. Kidding me? Seriously is that near??  While on the journey back to hotel,  the tour guide busy explaining our schedules for three consecutive days. Touring in smaller group more easy to manage rather than bigger group.

Front View

Hotel Lobby waiting area

Check-in into Lavendar Resort & Spa Pool Villa Hotel. This hotel located in the middle of the downtown, just 7 minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport 8 minutes away from Kuta Beach, 5 minutes Duty Free Galleria shopping and sightseeing and fun and joy to the nightlife.  Lavender Pool Villa has total 13 units, which is a stunning new deluxe pool villa resort, featuring private swimming pools and Pavilions, you can experience a little piece of Heaven and peace. Lavender Pool Villa is created by a harmonious blend of traditional Balinese architecture with modern facilities and amentities. Service - oriented , friendly staff pamper and tantalize guests with professional , personalized service in comfortable, relaxing ambiance.

Tour came with a package of 4D 3N with Welcome drink, Cold towel, Daily 2 mineral water, Daily breakfast, Free airport pick up service, Free shuttle bus to Kuta & Free internet service (Entertainment room). Once arrival, we were greeted by warm and friendly hospitality of front desk management. We being given 3 rooms whereby sharing with two person each.

I'm curious to see what rooms, wondering how's the room look like. I hope the room is fine, pray for that. Once given key, faster run into room. Once opening the room door, Tada.. Wah "so nice" not bad the room. More like master bed room with separate twin bed. I'm so tired after 3hrs flight, can't resist to lay on the bed  badly. I'm not allow to go near the bed not until I clean myself. The odor of my body really stinks after whole day outside. Instead of going bath, my hand starting to get itchy, hahaha.. Photo time, shoot a few photos of this hotel rooms for memories. =P

King size bed

32"inch Television(60 channel) Satellite Cable TV

Basin washing hands

Bathroom with bath tab

Room Facilities consist of King size bed, Air conditioning, Bath tab, Tea/coffee making facilities, Hair dryer, 32"inch Television(60 channel) Satellite Cable TV, Mini Bar, In room personal safety box, International direct dial telephone, Bath robe, Bathroom full set amenity & Slippers

That's it for the night, of the day. After shower straight away sleep as we need to wake up early at 0630 am to start with our first day program. Excited, can't wait for it. More news after this.. stay tune ^_^

Lavender Resort & Spa Pool Villa
Ji, By Pass Ngurah Rai
No.7 Kuta-Bali 80361 Indonesia

Restoran Silva Tandoori Corner @ Ss15 Subang Jaya

Another public holiday in the month of Apr 2012. Thanks to the installation of Malaysia’s new King, the 14th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, it is a Public Holiday on the 11th Apr 2012. Wake up early in the morning for breakfast with friends. As living in Malaysia, there's a lot varieties food for early morning breakfast. I been craving badly for nasi lemak early in the morning.

Morning breakfast with Ji Mui xD

Drop by at Silva Curry House in SS15 Subang Jaya for warm and hot coconut rice. The aroma of rice smells good as the rice cooked with pandan leaves and coconut milk [santan]. Quite a huge amount of rice which actually can make you go bloated till you can survive 4hrs without food. Nasi Lemak served with ikan bilis [anchovies], fried peanuts, fragrance coconut rice, sambal, and with an egg.

I used to have habit of eating warm egg, I always request to mamak to fry telur mata kerbau [fried egg], love to see egg yolk just like sun rinsing early in the morning. Love to poke the egg yolk, let the liquid fall on the rice, mixed with the rice.. I tell you it's delicious!! hehehe xD

Nasi Lemak RM2.50

Sambal not bad too, it's was a mild sambal salty just nice for the whole set of coconut rice. If you like add-on there always fried chicken, fried fish, mutton, etc for your own cravings. Addtional charges for extra add-on. This plain nasi lemak cost RM2.50, is that cheap?? =)

Tosai Garing RM2.50

Here also famous for Tosai Garing to go with lovely Curry gravy, Kacang Dahl gravy and Mint gravy. Must eat with hands, so that u feel soft flour. Basins to clean your hands before and after are provided of course. The best way to eat Tosai after spreading the different sauces on top is to sprinkle a little bit of sugar on it. Best kau kau!!. Simple, slightly fragrant, crispy and crunchy, to go with a cup of nice hot teh tarik. Tosai is about RM2.50 while teh tarik is about RM1.50

Sinfully delicious!! Now this is what I call a true Malaysian breakfast.. Cheers xD

Restoran Silva Tandoori Corner
B1-G, Jalan SS16/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Flying with Air Asia

Vacation, vacation, I been craving so long, now here the day come for the day itself. Excited, happy looking forward for my holiday. First time flying with Air Asia, everyone been talking about the low fare price, 0 cents for air tickets, attempt to give a try on it. The fare started at 12am midnight, server jam, don't even dare put any hope on it. Keep on spamming on the Air Asia website nearly about 1-2hrs, finally able to book air tickets to Bali since last year 2011 during this time. Phew~

Air Asia famous for cheap flights, wondering how cheap is cheap? I have to be prepare cheap things always have the limits. Departing from Local Cost Carrier Terminal a.k.a LCCT in Sepang, Selangor slightly half an hour drive from Subang Jaya through ELITE highway. Weather slightly bad and it's raining in the noon, but did not stop us from moving. Praying hard,  hope that rain can stop.

I was given evening flight at 1755 hrs by Air Asia [don't ask me why], check-in luggage, then walk into Carrier Terminal patiently waiting for my flight.  Heard of announcement getting on board, happily thought of departing soon, they announced the flight delayed for an hour due to bad weather from Denpasar, Bali. Bit of disappointing, what to do patiently waiting, the best part is I love to record down my travelling journey, so take a slow walk with camera, snap here snap there just to wait time pass. =)

Mom, sis, bro

Vacation with family 

After an hour, now it's time to fly. Happily queuing up and waiting for my turns. Ready with passport and boarding pass. Walking on the pedestrian covered roof runway to the plane. Walked nearly 15min because the plane parked at very end corner of parking lot. Tight security inside, but managed to snap photos for the memories. Butterflies in stomach too during travelling period, hehehehe xD

Pedestrian walk

Queuing up to the aircraft

Air Asia aircraft

Greetings from Terminal LCCT xD

Seating beside window on the window panel

Walked into the flight greeted by handsome air steward and pretty air stewardess "Welcoming on board", my eyes keep on looking at the seats. Oh my god, damn packed seats. Without any extra room for movements. The Seats all are narrow in away of 90oC straight. If a plum person sitting will be slightly uncomfortable with it. Have to bear nearly 3hrs journey in the aircraft.  Seats came 3 in a row, so it's just nice with my family with the number of 6 people, slightly 3 peoples in a row. I love to watch scenery, plane flying and landing on the ground, sitting beside window were my main priority, hop into the seat. Peeping on the window, wah what a nice view, coincidence my seat just beside the aircraft's wing, so I make sure I record down beautiful sunset on the panel window. =)

Cute mom with the "peace" post

Pretty mama ^_^

Flying with Air Asia during evening sun set

My flight ticket did not attach with any meals, if I want meals I have to book earlier with additional charges I believe which is not cheap too. But more like evening flight soon to dinner, so did not eat in the plane but more like craving tit-bits. Air Asia selling tit-bits and souvenirs on board. My advise is prepare small change for everyone's convenience. I would say service is not bad in Air Asia, the captain and the crews are friendly and helpful. Flying with Air Asia during evening sun set, it's beautiful & it's hard to describe by words. Enjoying my journey in the aircraft, will have more update later on next post, stay tune.. =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cafe Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ Sunway Pyramid

Realized this Cafe Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt quite number of times during shopping but did not really walk over until I saw quite a number of bloggers which actually have positive review on this dessert. Without delay, I opt to try this during weekend.

Cafe Moo Cow Frozen can be found in Moo's listed shopping mall at your nearest area. The nearest branch would be Sunway Pyramid for me. Get some time to locate this shop because forget where this shop located at, checking directory before heading to the right path. Walking nearer, hear of the sound "Moo, Moo, Moo" sound welcoming us at the entrance.

Cafe Entrance

Here I am at Cafe Moo Frozen Yogurt, attractive cafe design was the creativity of the cafe owner. Cafe decorated  like cow farm creating cow farm ambiance which makes me in living in fantasy cow land and enjoying my yogurt. I'm still doubting whether this yogurt is good to eat, suddenly I was given a teaspoon of frozen yogurt for testing purposely by friendly staff out there. Greeted me with a smile, he explained well. I'm happy with the services.

Labeling pricing 

I'm satisfied with labeling pricing which is highlighted clearly with simple illustration diagram so that it's easy for everyone to understand. They are two types of yogurts in Cafe Moo Cow, Frozen Yogurt which is original flavor and Seasonal Yogurt which come with Green Guava or Soursop.

Both  Frozen Yogurt and Seasonal Yogurt came with 1 Free topping, if u like to have more topping additional topping would be RM1. As for the toppings, they have over 15 choices of toppings to be chosen from chocolate flavored, sunflower seed, strawberry flavor and more.

Over 15 choices of toppings

The staff recommended me to try Frozen Yogurt [Original] mixed with Oreo toppings. The price was RM9.90 without tax. Pay at the counter immediately after they served you. As a reward from Cafe Moo Cow, you're given stamping card for your redemption, so collect as stamps as possible, the best till full for FREE redemption on Moo Cow products via T&C.

Frozen Yogurt Original Flavor with Oreo Crunch

Without tax RM9.90

For the texture-wise, Moo Cow frozen yogurt is smoother, creamier and more flavourful than other yogurt like Tutti Frutti that I've tasted so far, and  they do not need fancy toppings to go with. The slightly tart and sour taste of yogurt was detectable, but not at all unpleasant. Look at the generous amount of topping on the yogurt, covering the whole frozen yogurt.

I <3 Moo Cow


Hall of Fame

Lastly, hall of fame from Moo Cow as below:-
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt is handmade from REAL Yogurt, packed with many health benefit that your can enjoy, guilt free. LET THE COW moooooo you over and be part of the growing members of the Moo Cow Farm. Moooooliciousssssss....................................... I <3 Moo Cow xD

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
LG2.75A, Lower Ground Two,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

31% Off @ Baskin Robbins

In the middle of shopping, saw lots of peoples queue-ing up, lots of noise from that particular corner at entrance. Walked nearer, saw this big banner 31th of the month. Yes, Baskin Robbins go extra wild with 31% discount on the ice-creams. I don't want to miss this chance too, desperately dragging my friend to enjoy this discount

Discount discount

Few ways of ordering,  hand packed which is convenience for you to take home. You can choose either Pint, Quart or Half-Gallon  from any of the delicious flavors are available in for the day. A big different after 31% discount. =)

Hand packed sizes

Hard to choose, don't know which is good, and I selected on two flavors which was Cherry Jubilee, Cherry flavored vanilla ice cream with cherry halves and Pralines `n Cream, Vanilla ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel ribbon. I tell you, it's delicious creamy and sweet, melting inside mouth. Long long time did not eat BR since 2009 =)

Cherry Jubilee &  Pralines `n Cream

My Pint BR ice-creams xD

Don't want to be greedy, I just share with friend bought pint with two little spoons. They included drink ice to keep the ice-creams cold, won't melt so easily. Enjoy myself with BR ice-creams. I wonder why Rum & Raisin is not in the list anymore. I miss it so much, hope BR will have back Rum  & Raisins someday.

31% OFF

Want to get discount too?? Make sure your mark on your calendar to enjoy 31% discount or check on their facebook fan page or visit Baskin Robbins webpage.