Tuesday, April 03, 2012

31% Off @ Baskin Robbins

In the middle of shopping, saw lots of peoples queue-ing up, lots of noise from that particular corner at entrance. Walked nearer, saw this big banner 31th of the month. Yes, Baskin Robbins go extra wild with 31% discount on the ice-creams. I don't want to miss this chance too, desperately dragging my friend to enjoy this discount

Discount discount

Few ways of ordering,  hand packed which is convenience for you to take home. You can choose either Pint, Quart or Half-Gallon  from any of the delicious flavors are available in for the day. A big different after 31% discount. =)

Hand packed sizes

Hard to choose, don't know which is good, and I selected on two flavors which was Cherry Jubilee, Cherry flavored vanilla ice cream with cherry halves and Pralines `n Cream, Vanilla ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces and a caramel ribbon. I tell you, it's delicious creamy and sweet, melting inside mouth. Long long time did not eat BR since 2009 =)

Cherry Jubilee &  Pralines `n Cream

My Pint BR ice-creams xD

Don't want to be greedy, I just share with friend bought pint with two little spoons. They included drink ice to keep the ice-creams cold, won't melt so easily. Enjoy myself with BR ice-creams. I wonder why Rum & Raisin is not in the list anymore. I miss it so much, hope BR will have back Rum  & Raisins someday.

31% OFF

Want to get discount too?? Make sure your mark on your calendar to enjoy 31% discount or check on their facebook fan page or visit Baskin Robbins webpage.