Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flying with Air Asia

Vacation, vacation, I been craving so long, now here the day come for the day itself. Excited, happy looking forward for my holiday. First time flying with Air Asia, everyone been talking about the low fare price, 0 cents for air tickets, attempt to give a try on it. The fare started at 12am midnight, server jam, don't even dare put any hope on it. Keep on spamming on the Air Asia website nearly about 1-2hrs, finally able to book air tickets to Bali since last year 2011 during this time. Phew~

Air Asia famous for cheap flights, wondering how cheap is cheap? I have to be prepare cheap things always have the limits. Departing from Local Cost Carrier Terminal a.k.a LCCT in Sepang, Selangor slightly half an hour drive from Subang Jaya through ELITE highway. Weather slightly bad and it's raining in the noon, but did not stop us from moving. Praying hard,  hope that rain can stop.

I was given evening flight at 1755 hrs by Air Asia [don't ask me why], check-in luggage, then walk into Carrier Terminal patiently waiting for my flight.  Heard of announcement getting on board, happily thought of departing soon, they announced the flight delayed for an hour due to bad weather from Denpasar, Bali. Bit of disappointing, what to do patiently waiting, the best part is I love to record down my travelling journey, so take a slow walk with camera, snap here snap there just to wait time pass. =)

Mom, sis, bro

Vacation with family 

After an hour, now it's time to fly. Happily queuing up and waiting for my turns. Ready with passport and boarding pass. Walking on the pedestrian covered roof runway to the plane. Walked nearly 15min because the plane parked at very end corner of parking lot. Tight security inside, but managed to snap photos for the memories. Butterflies in stomach too during travelling period, hehehehe xD

Pedestrian walk

Queuing up to the aircraft

Air Asia aircraft

Greetings from Terminal LCCT xD

Seating beside window on the window panel

Walked into the flight greeted by handsome air steward and pretty air stewardess "Welcoming on board", my eyes keep on looking at the seats. Oh my god, damn packed seats. Without any extra room for movements. The Seats all are narrow in away of 90oC straight. If a plum person sitting will be slightly uncomfortable with it. Have to bear nearly 3hrs journey in the aircraft.  Seats came 3 in a row, so it's just nice with my family with the number of 6 people, slightly 3 peoples in a row. I love to watch scenery, plane flying and landing on the ground, sitting beside window were my main priority, hop into the seat. Peeping on the window, wah what a nice view, coincidence my seat just beside the aircraft's wing, so I make sure I record down beautiful sunset on the panel window. =)

Cute mom with the "peace" post

Pretty mama ^_^

Flying with Air Asia during evening sun set

My flight ticket did not attach with any meals, if I want meals I have to book earlier with additional charges I believe which is not cheap too. But more like evening flight soon to dinner, so did not eat in the plane but more like craving tit-bits. Air Asia selling tit-bits and souvenirs on board. My advise is prepare small change for everyone's convenience. I would say service is not bad in Air Asia, the captain and the crews are friendly and helpful. Flying with Air Asia during evening sun set, it's beautiful & it's hard to describe by words. Enjoying my journey in the aircraft, will have more update later on next post, stay tune.. =)