Monday, April 23, 2012

Cafe Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ Sunway Pyramid

Realized this Cafe Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt quite number of times during shopping but did not really walk over until I saw quite a number of bloggers which actually have positive review on this dessert. Without delay, I opt to try this during weekend.

Cafe Moo Cow Frozen can be found in Moo's listed shopping mall at your nearest area. The nearest branch would be Sunway Pyramid for me. Get some time to locate this shop because forget where this shop located at, checking directory before heading to the right path. Walking nearer, hear of the sound "Moo, Moo, Moo" sound welcoming us at the entrance.

Cafe Entrance

Here I am at Cafe Moo Frozen Yogurt, attractive cafe design was the creativity of the cafe owner. Cafe decorated  like cow farm creating cow farm ambiance which makes me in living in fantasy cow land and enjoying my yogurt. I'm still doubting whether this yogurt is good to eat, suddenly I was given a teaspoon of frozen yogurt for testing purposely by friendly staff out there. Greeted me with a smile, he explained well. I'm happy with the services.

Labeling pricing 

I'm satisfied with labeling pricing which is highlighted clearly with simple illustration diagram so that it's easy for everyone to understand. They are two types of yogurts in Cafe Moo Cow, Frozen Yogurt which is original flavor and Seasonal Yogurt which come with Green Guava or Soursop.

Both  Frozen Yogurt and Seasonal Yogurt came with 1 Free topping, if u like to have more topping additional topping would be RM1. As for the toppings, they have over 15 choices of toppings to be chosen from chocolate flavored, sunflower seed, strawberry flavor and more.

Over 15 choices of toppings

The staff recommended me to try Frozen Yogurt [Original] mixed with Oreo toppings. The price was RM9.90 without tax. Pay at the counter immediately after they served you. As a reward from Cafe Moo Cow, you're given stamping card for your redemption, so collect as stamps as possible, the best till full for FREE redemption on Moo Cow products via T&C.

Frozen Yogurt Original Flavor with Oreo Crunch

Without tax RM9.90

For the texture-wise, Moo Cow frozen yogurt is smoother, creamier and more flavourful than other yogurt like Tutti Frutti that I've tasted so far, and  they do not need fancy toppings to go with. The slightly tart and sour taste of yogurt was detectable, but not at all unpleasant. Look at the generous amount of topping on the yogurt, covering the whole frozen yogurt.

I <3 Moo Cow


Hall of Fame

Lastly, hall of fame from Moo Cow as below:-
Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt is handmade from REAL Yogurt, packed with many health benefit that your can enjoy, guilt free. LET THE COW moooooo you over and be part of the growing members of the Moo Cow Farm. Moooooliciousssssss....................................... I <3 Moo Cow xD

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt
LG2.75A, Lower Ground Two,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall