Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 1: Part I - Breakfast @ Hotel

Wake up as early as 0630AM, get ready by 0700AM for breakfast before we start our first program for Day 1. Our package included morning breakfast, that is buffet breakfast. The advantages, no need headache to look for food early in the morning. Love the morning scenery in Bali, holiday mood so relax =)

Western breakfast

Daughter & Mama ^_^ 

Mama enjoying too ^_^

Breakfast with family in round table

Both of them enjoying too ^_^

Breakfast was the western style, came with coffee or tea. Beside tea or coffee, they served fresh fruit juice as well. Asian breakfast were available too such as rice, to go with a few vegetables and meat. I took pancake, salad, and fruits. Wow, what a luxury breakfast early in the morning with Balinese instrumental song. Holiday means holiday enjoying till max. Eat till your jaw dropped.

Up next will be our first tour for Day 1.. please find more on next post... Cheers xD