Monday, April 02, 2012

Subway Sandwiches

Craving for Subway lately, been to Subway with friends on the weekend just to have this healthy food. Subway is popular in Malaysia, because it sells sandwiches and salads, a healthy alternative fast food. Subway can be found anywhere in Malaysia, so you can visit them at your nearest home branch.

There are 4 steps in creating your own Subway sandwich. First, you have to choose the bread from Wheat, Italian, Parmesan Oregano, Honey Oat or Harvest Wheat – you can opt for six inch or a foot long. Then, select your choice of Subway meal from the menu board. There are 12 Subway meals available in Malaysia, categorized into Classics, Hot Subs and Basics. Then, staff will prepare the orders right before you. After that, choose your sandwich’s vegetable from onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, green peppers and black olives. Lastly, choose your preferred sandwich dressing. It can a combination of BBQ sauce, mustard sauce, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, thousand island dressing or olive. Lastly you need to pay the counter and select a soft drink and a choice of chips or cookie, if you're ordering via set meal.

Six Inch Subway sandwiches

I love the bread so much, normally I ordered Turkey Breast & Hams six inch via set meal. I always choose Parmesan Oregano as my first choice, otherwise Honey Oat will be my second choice. Crunchy bread on the top layer and inside is soft and moist. Meats and all rounded vegetables are my ok with me. The specialty here they have olive fruits, normally I requested them to add more olive fruits with mustard sauce, BBQ sauce & olive oil. Here you go my six inches of bread. Yummy!! xD

I tried cookie before,  nice to eat and sweet, but i'm not fancy with cookie, rather go for potato chips than cookie. I feel weird when eating salty food to go with sweet food, rather not matching with my taste buds at all. I don't fancy for soft drinks I choose lemon tea for the drink =)

The whole set cost about RM18.90++ including service tax. Expensive? Chek it out the weekdays promotions via on the via facebook fan page. Once a while, going for healthy food why not?  =)