Friday, December 25, 2009

Chinese Medical Therapy Center

After holiday back from Singapore, i caught sick.. xien!! Normally i will go western doc for medication, but this time collegue recommended me to try Chinese Medication. Many years of Chinese philosophy, Chinese medication is good to strengthen immune system, how good is it...? Myself never ever been to chinese medication so i try it out myself..

As usual, i been to Chinese clinic nearby my house, registration needed with chinese name, thank god i still can remember my chinese name, because i hardly use Chinese name in daily life. After consultation, doc prescript Chinese medication which need to boil 1 day. These are my medicine for 7 days, i can't image if i would need to drink this for 1 week. @@ It's bitter... yuucckkss..

i hate it... Have to bear with it for 7 days..!! I have care for my stomach no oily, fried, spicy, sour, seafood & cold drinks for 7 days..!! Xmas ain't fun with this..!! sobs...

Chinese medicine for 7 days filled up in bottle, keep cold in refrigerators

My bowl of medicine for 7 days, bitter yucks!!

Cute little nieces from JB

Last week Friday, my nieces came to house for school holidays.. Long time no meet them, coz the last time i meet them is during CNY now it's Xmas, so it's going to be 1 year already.. These 2 little monsters it's growing up very fast.. I have a chance to snap photo with these 2 little monsters coz they like it to be on camera. I can't remember their names... =.="

Her favorite Ribena in milk bottle

Jie jie & mei mei

What do u want little girl?

Nice 2 drink like this? O.o

She is in toilet doing her business =P

Sepang F1 Circuit

Last destination trip, dropping by to Sepang F1 Circuit to take photos. When everyone was talking about this circuit myself really no idea where is this place, and always watch in tv.. aduh! As i know, Sepang circuit it near to my house it's about 30 min drive and myself hardly go there either. But i'm happy that i been to this place....The most important is the right time with right friends for holiday vacation, Thank you for such a wonderful trip.. Even it's only photos... I'm happy ^^

P/S: photos blur coz my cam phone sucks! Please bear with me... sobs!

Port Dickson Beach

Next destination is Port Dickson beach, lots people on the beach coz it's school holiday, parents bringing children out for vacation. I just wet my legs with sea water and also photos, nice scenery feel like shouting out loudly to the sea.. lolz I can't describe much, unforgettable feeling but 1 things for sure is let go your mind with hectic working life style in the city....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Port Dickson Kampung Village

After visiting light house, my next destination is Port Dickson beach.. I like to drive out to the beach, talking with the local peoples, and i found out some shells can be eaten and it's good for the body. Daily activities that are done by local peoples for fun or for some pocket money. Not forgetting my cam with photos.. Some photo spoils sobs, no time to edit yet, hope i can spend some time to edit it and re posted it again..

This place it's not good for swimming normally it's Kampung village, either u can go fishing or picking up shells. Overall I enjoyed the scenery and beach ~

Me and my car at the beach

My crazy style post =P

Lala shells that can be eaten

Lots of Lala shell freshly picked from the beach

Cape Rachado Lighthouse @ Tanjung Tuan

In this Dec month, myself busy with lots of activities, so a lot happenings thing have not posted out yet, so please bear with me bloggers, i update as soon as i can... ^^

In the early month of Dec, I been to Tanjung Tuan in Negeri Sembilan to visit the oldest light house in Malaysia. I'm not going to explain the history of this light house but instead I have done research on this light house information. Am i smart huh?? lolz.. I posted the link the bottom of the page later on...

Now, lets continue with my stories... To visit this place, I depend much on my GPS to guide me the location. Thank God, i arrived safely to this place. I jumped happily as i got down from the car, but i cannot see the light house but instead of a forest reserve @.@

Scratching my head wondering where is the light house, my friend did drop by the forest reserve to ask... The local people say the light in on top of the forest where by you need to walk 15min up the hill to see the light house. @.@ Wow, hectic for me, i'm telling myself that i can do it..

As i walked on top, fresh air is surrounding the forest, and i heard the nature voice that would be the best music for myself. Finally after 15 min walked up the hill, I manage to see the light house but only can view it from outside. Due to security reason visitors are not allow to enter light house so i just took a few photos... I enjoyed the outing, it's hard.. God it's with me and showing the path where i have work it out myself.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse @ Tanjung Tuan

Myself at the bottom of the light house

Information about this light house

For those who want to know more about this historical light house, please read here

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My hometown in Teluk Intan Perak

~Home Sweet Home~

Quite long time myself didn't go back hometown, really miss my hometown a lot..The reason I'm back because i was invited to my friend's wedding dinner at my hometown. 2hrs 30min drive from KL, I hope i still can remember my lovely house.. T.T Gorgeous, elegant & clean.. Tempting when standing outside my house.. really melt my heart, that makes me lazy back to KL again.

Once I back to hometown, first thing is I do is to look for food. Seriously foods are cheap, lunch i dropped by hawkers stalls near my secondary school for mee rebus, laksa, Hawaiian ice, yau yau bing ice .. so tempting... most important it's cheap compare to KL. Unforgettable feeling where this is the place I grown up during my childhood time. I like to dip prawn crackers (keropok udang) into laksa soup.. Yes.. so yummy!! Beside this i also tasted home made yau yau bing ice-cream combination with corns, red bean, cendol, asam jawa.. It's blended soft fine ice with multi-flavors. I wanted to eat this always but time it's not right always.

Not forgetting my hometown most famous food is Chee Cheong Fun. This time i got a chance to get this food from the manufacturing factory. It's freshly made during night time, lots of people queuing for orders. I waited nearly 45 min just to get this food... This must go with green chili and a little bit soya sauce then only nice 2 eat... Tempting... WTF..... lolz ^^

Chee Cheong Fun

I hope to spend more time in my hometown for this coming CNY 2010... I will be start counting the days back to hometown again.. Miss my hometown a lot.. ^^

Hoong Foong Dim Sum @ USJ

I miss dim sum a lot coz got few months didn't eat dim sum joh... So early of the month Dec on the way back to hometown, I decided to have dim sum with my family. I know my parents love dim sum a lot so this is a good chance to bring them to eat.. Early in the morning.. we dropped by this famous Hoong Foong Dim Sum @ USJ, just 10 min drive behind my house.

Sat it's totally packed with people, we have to wait for 10 min to get our seats. After that we ordered jasmine tea, and waiter serve us with lovely dim sum. Again i can't help myself to snap photos for the lovely dim sum, I did miss some of the photos like Chinese tea, har kow, char siew pau, etc.. coz my busy eating that time. My stomach keep on drooling when i post this photos.. XD Overall it's good, and it's recommended to eat. i leave it for you to try it out.. yum yum

Yummy Dim Sum

Seaweed Wan Tan Prawn Dim Sum

Scallop Prawn Dumpling

Crispy Fried Yam Ball

Crispy Fried Prawn with Mayonnaise

Siu Mai with Crab Sticks

Fried Yam Pan Cake

Meat Porridge

Loh Mai Kai

This also recommended by FoodStreet. More details please refer to FoodStreet website.

Ostrich Farm, Port Dickson

I been to Port Dickson last month during public holiday...This time i'm visiting Ostrich Farm. This is the first time myself watch Ostrich in real life.. u know normally i sit in front of the tv to watch National Geographic documentary program.

Thanks to my Garmin, showing me the correct way to Ostrich Farm. Lots of school buses where by school holiday season is going to start soon.. Entrance fees is RM8 per person. Once i stepped into the farm it's smelly coz of humid and muddy. As I walked around I saw the first ostrich.. oh god.. the ostrich it's not well taken care of.. the feather all gone left skin on the body.. I feel shamed on it coz those people it's not taking good care of the animals out there...

As i walked along.. my hand it's ichy, time to snap photos.. Snap snap here snap snap there.. Plz bear with me, those ostrich are half naked coz they don't have feathers... lolz Beside that, i found turkey, wild chickens, rabbits, not forgetting baboons as well. Oh ya, i took photos of real ostrich eggs it's about 120kg. If you're weight is less than 120kg you're allow to stand on the egg. I tried on it.. it's heavy, can i cook the egg? =P

I'm enjoying my outing of the day.... ^^

Monday, December 07, 2009

Tenji 1st Anniversary Celebration.

Those who like to have buffet for this coming X'mas season gathering, Tenji is offering special promotion for buffet in the conjunction of 1st Anniversary Celebration.

Please refer to Tenji 1st Anniversary Celebration blog for more details.
I want to try out too.. ^^

Friday, December 04, 2009

Kote Luxe

I got this sample from Kotex sales girl during my lunch time... I love this design very much coz good combination for this new launch of Kotex Luxe. I have some info from Kotex Luxe.. XD

Kotex Luxe, is the first ultrathin pad that gives you breakthrough absorbency of dry-net cover and the cottony-soft one with just one pad. More details please visit Kotex Luxe official website. Will this be nice too..? Try it out yourself... ^^

Front design of Kotex Luxe

Back design of Kotex Luxe

Thursday, December 03, 2009


After back from lunch today, I dropped by downstairs office to get some drinks in a small stationary shop and I found this little notepad.. It's look old with little bit rusty. I wanted new notepad unfortunately this is last stock.. ^^

I use to carry little notepad with me in my bag to pen down all things that i cannot remember well. Not mentioning myself always forget full so it's good to write down all in the notepad. I also read my friend's article entitle "notebook", he inspired me to get this notepad.

After i changed my phone, i less use notepad coz i tot phone(electronic gadget) will be easy way to keep all the documents. But i still prefer the old method of keep my notes with paper and a pen.. This allow me to practice my hand writing after n years i left schools, myself hardly writing.

Ridiculous to believe?
Think about it......

Front design cover notepad

Content design notepad

Behind cover design notepad

Color city Christmas Giveaway 2009

X'mas is around the corner soon.. it's about 3 weeks ahead counting to X'mas 2009. Time fly fast, i just can't wait for X'mas, i love to Xmas decoration and i like present from santa...

Want get present from Santa..? Here's is the deal below:-

Colors City is giving away a small Christmas gift to fans, friends and anyone that have been visiting my small shop for the pass months. I would like to say thanks and hugs to those that like my handmade crafts.

How to win:

1. Post this giveaway at your blog/facebook/website. Remember to link back to this post so that other people can join too. You can use the picture above with your post.

2. Click on the Follow button on the right on my blog to follow my blog.

3. Finally leave a comment on your link of your post/facebook/website on this post to eligible you to enter the prize draw.

Giveaways ends at 13 December 2009 Sunday 11:59pm Malaysia time.
Anyone can enter!!! This giveaway open to both local and international friends.

Giveaway items list which will be stuff in to a Handmade christmas socks:
- 1 pack of random blue colors beads
- Handmade fruit tart earrings
- Pearl with wired ribbon earrings
- 2 packs of Mulberry Paper Flowers
- 2 packs of flower buttons, 1 pack of candy buttons and 1 pack of heart buttons
- 2 rolls of deco tapes.
- I am thinking to adding more on the giveaway slash.....

Good Luck~!

Santa can you hear me? I need Santa present from u.... ^^

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Poll Results

After i changed my blog template, i created poll titled "is my new template nice?" to get some feedback from all bloggers who read my blog. Here's my results 90% of them who like my new templates compare to previous old blog templates. I'm happy for that and i would like to say THANK YOU for all your votes as your feedback to me. This mean a lot for me.. as i hope i can do better in the future ^^

Arigato Gozaimasu....!!

Daddy's Birthday

Last week is daddy's birthday.. We give him a big surprise on his big day. Just a simple family dinner during holiday season.. as the dinner part session will be posted in food column session. After back from dinner, we have birthday cake celebration for him. This time cake from him it's totally different from usual. Normally we bought cake from cake sense shop and the cake it's round shape, for a change my bro bought a square fruit cake for his birthday....

Yeah my daddy love it a lot coz it's a low fat pudding cake just nice for this taste. I want to wish my daddy a very Happy Birthday 2 u, bless you with good health always and love you always...

Pudding Fruit Cake

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy & Mommy