Friday, December 25, 2009

Chinese Medical Therapy Center

After holiday back from Singapore, i caught sick.. xien!! Normally i will go western doc for medication, but this time collegue recommended me to try Chinese Medication. Many years of Chinese philosophy, Chinese medication is good to strengthen immune system, how good is it...? Myself never ever been to chinese medication so i try it out myself..

As usual, i been to Chinese clinic nearby my house, registration needed with chinese name, thank god i still can remember my chinese name, because i hardly use Chinese name in daily life. After consultation, doc prescript Chinese medication which need to boil 1 day. These are my medicine for 7 days, i can't image if i would need to drink this for 1 week. @@ It's bitter... yuucckkss..

i hate it... Have to bear with it for 7 days..!! I have care for my stomach no oily, fried, spicy, sour, seafood & cold drinks for 7 days..!! Xmas ain't fun with this..!! sobs...

Chinese medicine for 7 days filled up in bottle, keep cold in refrigerators

My bowl of medicine for 7 days, bitter yucks!!