Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ostrich Farm, Port Dickson

I been to Port Dickson last month during public holiday...This time i'm visiting Ostrich Farm. This is the first time myself watch Ostrich in real life.. u know normally i sit in front of the tv to watch National Geographic documentary program.

Thanks to my Garmin, showing me the correct way to Ostrich Farm. Lots of school buses where by school holiday season is going to start soon.. Entrance fees is RM8 per person. Once i stepped into the farm it's smelly coz of humid and muddy. As I walked around I saw the first ostrich.. oh god.. the ostrich it's not well taken care of.. the feather all gone left skin on the body.. I feel shamed on it coz those people it's not taking good care of the animals out there...

As i walked along.. my hand it's ichy, time to snap photos.. Snap snap here snap snap there.. Plz bear with me, those ostrich are half naked coz they don't have feathers... lolz Beside that, i found turkey, wild chickens, rabbits, not forgetting baboons as well. Oh ya, i took photos of real ostrich eggs it's about 120kg. If you're weight is less than 120kg you're allow to stand on the egg. I tried on it.. it's heavy, can i cook the egg? =P

I'm enjoying my outing of the day.... ^^