Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My hometown in Teluk Intan Perak

~Home Sweet Home~

Quite long time myself didn't go back hometown, really miss my hometown a lot..The reason I'm back because i was invited to my friend's wedding dinner at my hometown. 2hrs 30min drive from KL, I hope i still can remember my lovely house.. T.T Gorgeous, elegant & clean.. Tempting when standing outside my house.. really melt my heart, that makes me lazy back to KL again.

Once I back to hometown, first thing is I do is to look for food. Seriously foods are cheap, lunch i dropped by hawkers stalls near my secondary school for mee rebus, laksa, Hawaiian ice, yau yau bing ice .. so tempting... most important it's cheap compare to KL. Unforgettable feeling where this is the place I grown up during my childhood time. I like to dip prawn crackers (keropok udang) into laksa soup.. Yes.. so yummy!! Beside this i also tasted home made yau yau bing ice-cream combination with corns, red bean, cendol, asam jawa.. It's blended soft fine ice with multi-flavors. I wanted to eat this always but time it's not right always.

Not forgetting my hometown most famous food is Chee Cheong Fun. This time i got a chance to get this food from the manufacturing factory. It's freshly made during night time, lots of people queuing for orders. I waited nearly 45 min just to get this food... This must go with green chili and a little bit soya sauce then only nice 2 eat... Tempting... WTF..... lolz ^^

Chee Cheong Fun

I hope to spend more time in my hometown for this coming CNY 2010... I will be start counting the days back to hometown again.. Miss my hometown a lot.. ^^