Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cape Rachado Lighthouse @ Tanjung Tuan

In this Dec month, myself busy with lots of activities, so a lot happenings thing have not posted out yet, so please bear with me bloggers, i update as soon as i can... ^^

In the early month of Dec, I been to Tanjung Tuan in Negeri Sembilan to visit the oldest light house in Malaysia. I'm not going to explain the history of this light house but instead I have done research on this light house information. Am i smart huh?? lolz.. I posted the link the bottom of the page later on...

Now, lets continue with my stories... To visit this place, I depend much on my GPS to guide me the location. Thank God, i arrived safely to this place. I jumped happily as i got down from the car, but i cannot see the light house but instead of a forest reserve @.@

Scratching my head wondering where is the light house, my friend did drop by the forest reserve to ask... The local people say the light in on top of the forest where by you need to walk 15min up the hill to see the light house. @.@ Wow, hectic for me, i'm telling myself that i can do it..

As i walked on top, fresh air is surrounding the forest, and i heard the nature voice that would be the best music for myself. Finally after 15 min walked up the hill, I manage to see the light house but only can view it from outside. Due to security reason visitors are not allow to enter light house so i just took a few photos... I enjoyed the outing, it's hard.. God it's with me and showing the path where i have work it out myself.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse @ Tanjung Tuan

Myself at the bottom of the light house

Information about this light house

For those who want to know more about this historical light house, please read here