Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marutaman Ra-Men @ Empire Gallery

Been to Empire Gallery for dinner recently, always been cracking head what to have for dinner, been tangling around to look for nice food, so I saw lots of people queue-ing till the outside shop entrance. Wondering why, walked closer, found out there this newly open Japanese restaurant called Marutama Ra-Men landed in Empire Mall a few months ago if i'm not mistaken.

I'm thinking, it must be good otherwise, wont be long queue. Joining the crowd, after decided to makan here with friends. While queuing up, I been digging up some of the history of this restaurant from them. What I knew from friends, this is the second branch in Empire Gallery Subang Jaya after the main branch in Fahrenheit 88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

As soon as we seated, we were given menu for orders. Once opening up, oh it's about Ra-Men. I can see plenty of varieties of Ra-Men that you can choose from the menu. Where should I begin? For starters, a basic bowl of Marutama Ra-Men with a slice roast, seaweed and chopped spring onions cost RM18. Anything fancier and it could go up to RM20.00++. Additional toppings are priced individually. Not exactly a friendly price for a bowl of noodles, but worth every cent spent.

Marutama Ramen RM18

The piping hot bowl of Ra-Men is the best comfort food during rainy days. The broth, made of chicken was very flavourful, and nicely balanced by the abundant spring onions and seaweed. The originality of the taste reflected their claim of using one chicken for every two bowls of Ramen.

Char Siu Tamago Ramen RM26

I ordered myself Char Siu Tamago Ra-Men cost RM26. Chicken broth with four slices of roast pork, seaweed, spring onions and a seasoned Tamago. How could one simple hard-boiled egg be so good? It’s in the yolk baby, delightful Tamgo egg. The slices of roast pork made us chewy, as the fat literally melt in the mouth. Don't know my taste bud slightly different from usual, I tasted the soup too salty but I give second try when my taste bud recover back to normal. Drinks are refillable when you ordered green tea only, worth to try it out.  Happy eating!! =)

Main Branch
Marutama Ra-men (non-Halal)
Fahrenheit 88
F1.27.01, First Floor,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +03-21411573
Business Hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm

Second Branch
Marutama Ra-Men
LG26 Lower Floor, Jln SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel +603-56210073

Macaron @ Savory Cafe

After first attempt on Macaron in my previous post, I'm not satisfy with the result, feel like trying varieties choices from different bakery shop. As I mentioned before previous post on Macaron were too sweet with the high content sugar level. Is that true every bakery shop will be too sweet?

I came across another cafe shop nearby my office where they're selling Macaron attracted me that much. This time is a huge Macaroon similar to a mini burger and it's colorful. Price also slightly different, each of this Macaron cost RM3. Cheap or Expensive?

Macaron RM3 each

 Chocolate, Choco Mint, Salted Caramel & Rose Macarons

Still don't know what is Macaron? A bit history of Macaron that I would like to share here. Macaron is different from macaroon (notice the double “O”). The term Macaroon is normally referred to a simple cookie such as coconut m Macaron. However Macaron, is a French Confectionary. Its really not a cookie, nor a candy although it is very sweet. The popular type is the French mMacaron. According to some French, there is two type of Macarons. One is the Parisian Macaron (originated in Paris I was told) and the rest of France have different kind of Macaron. The macaron you see in most website or cooking book refer to the Parisian Macaron.

I guess I'm eating Parisian Macaron. The Parisian Macaron have quite a unique feature. Top layer and bottom layer egg shell like a crust must be crunchy. Filling inside must be soft and almost like meringue texture. This time I got Chocolate, Choco Mint, Salted Caramel & Rose Macarons. Again, reluctant to eat because it's too cute xD

I love the filing inside every Macaron, first of all, thick, creamy and more filling rather than just eating icing, I would said is ok not that sweet. Salted Caramel, a bit salty I find the different here. Chocolate flavor filling taste like Nutella jam, creamy not bad. Rose and Choco Mint not bad either, worth while to try it out. Love Macarons? Check it out below address, have a nice day ahead! =)

Savory Cafe
No.3A32 Level 4 Block A,
Kelana Centre Point SS7/19,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nasi Lemak @ Sea Park Section 21 PJ

Some how in the middle of the conversation, my friend been always talking about Nasi Lemak. He love Nasi Lemak a lot. He told me there's this shop famous for nasi lemak in town area. I'm thinking nasi lemak also can be famous? The whole Malaysia is selling Nasi Lemak, what makes this shop so special about it? ***wink wink***

The stall looks like an ordinary mamak stall, but its overly crowded at night. It’s located at SeaPark, Section 21 PJ, just right next to the corner Maybank. Business start at 6pm on wards till late night. They’ll usually lay their tables by the roadside, and sometimes you get to sit until Maybank there. Everyone come here just for Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng.

Mamak Stall near Maybank SeaPark

Finally I make a trip down to this stall after being brain wash by my friend. First time here, I'm shocked to see the crowd there. Slightly every table full with people. I was here around 7.45pm with fine evening weather without rain, aspect-ed to sit on the open air to enjoy my food.

Ordered Nasi Lemak Ayam, to my surprise, the waiter served Nasi Lemak within 15 minutes, it's still hot and warm. Tradition of Nasi Lemak served with ikan bilis [anchovies], fried peanuts, fragrance coconut rice, sambal,  tagging along with fried chicken and telur mata kerbau [fried egg]

Nasi Lemak Ayam RM4.50

Mild sambal slightly with sweet taste, which was good combination to eat with fried chicken and egg. The chicken itself was delicious, marinated and deep fried, you will get crunchy skin while chewing in your mouth. What makes our coconut rice better is their sunny side up egg. Local people would usually call it “telur mata kerbau” which was not overly cooked. Being serve with a piece of banana leaf plate of nasi lemak, what we will did at first is to break the egg yolk and mix it with the rice. Sounds disgusting, but its real nice to eat like that. Just mix it together with their sambal and it will taste even better. xD

A plate of nasi lemak with fried chicken cost RM 4.50, definitely at affordable price, cheap? Other than nasi lemak, I heard that the Otak-Otak is not bad and Mee Goreng is special too. Will be back try it next time. =)

Location Map

Nasi Lemak SeaPark
Jalan 21/11b, 46300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 @ Putrajaya

I'm excited for this month outing activity. I still remember I missed this event last year because don't have any friends to tag along together. For year 2012 is definitely amazing, knowing early this event from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and bloggers spreading the news which actually lighting up my spirit and eagerly joining this event. Here you are, i'm talking about it's the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 held in Monumen Alaf Baru, Putrajaya from 15-18 Mar 2012. After knowing the news from social networks, without delay faster speed up my process to search for the location of event, finally I made it. Excited "I will be going there.. Yahoo~" xD

First thought of going on Saturday, but I'm fully scheduled, despite need to move my plan on Sunday. I'm still thinking of Sunday, it's last day of the event, if going there will be jam like mad and pack like sardine can. So called phobia with the jam and crowd, friend suggested to swap my plan to the first session which is in the morning and neglect the second session which is scheduled in the evening.

My first reaction was "Huh? Morning? Gotta wake up early in the morning?" Jaw dropped, as I need to wake up as early at 5.30am for the event. Since I left school days, never ever been waking up so early in the morning especially weekend on Sunday. Decision finalized, I choose the morning session because I want to see Sun Rise, hope it's nice early in the morning. =)

Started journey as early as 6.30am, journey takes me about 30min using LDP connected to Putrajaya which is absolutely free from jam and I like driving early in the morning, sky still dark, enjoying my ride all the way to Putrajaya. I'm slightly confused by the road direction Putrajaya is huge takes time to search for the place. To be on safer side GPS still on and we reached at Presint II at 7.00am, the worst nightmare jam at the parking entrance. A bit disappointing there's no authority to guide on the parking side. Delayed nearly about 20min, just to get parking. and finally we're here at Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012.

Timing just nice, came down from car, walked across the road I'm shocked to see lots of people who actually manage to wake up early in the morning, from young to adults everyone were here waiting to see hot air balloon. Saw on it on the field participants were in the middle of preparing hot air balloons I realized a lot's of photographers with DSR camera tagging on the center of the field just for photo shooting. How proffessional are they when taking photos I do not know, but I only know they're enjoying shooting balloons. =)

Setting up balloons #1

Setting up balloons #2

Setting up balloons #3

Now I know setting up hot air balloons it's not an easy job. Seen with my own eyes whereby team work, a big a main role here. Everyone has it's own job here. It's fun with the noise of setting up hot air balloon =)

Hot air balloon ready to fly 

Me on the event =)


Next will be field hoping, walking around  every field to see more designs on the hot balloons. This evenr attracted lots candidates mostly from oversea, not forgetting our local team too. Colorful balloons, attractivegs.

Photo shooting

Varieties hot air balloons #1

Varieties hot air balloons #2

Varieties hot air balloons #3

Varieties hot air balloons #4

Crowded with people

Photo shooting among the crowd

Varieties hot air balloons #5

Varieties hot air balloons #6

Varieties hot air balloons #7


This green hot air balloons was participated by MOHD SOBRI (MALAYSIA) He said "Starting as a personal hobby and never thought from this hobby I made friends from all around the world" Proud of him. =)


Photo Shooting 

Me Me xD


GARY MOORE (USA) Woodrow C. Greenleaf

Para suits



Taking hot air balloon xD


Merchandise Stall

After finished watching balloons on the air, now it's the turn of visiting stores. Heard of hot air balloons merchandisers were available here. For souvenirs why not? After all it's at affordable price for collection or for memories of year 2012 hot air balloon fiesta. They were keys chains, collar buttons, magnets, t-shirts, caps for sale.

keys chains, collar buttons

t-shirts RM10

Sponsor ship stalls

Walking to with stalls 


Beside that they were many others road shows stalls for business. Mostly are food and drinks sold here. The most attractive stalls would be balloons all over the place with different designs such as angry birds, Disney characters, etc stuffs. Kids actually love this too =)

Tethered Rides

After finished walking, back to car park, saw participants riding on the hot air balloons. It's called Tethered Rides. Sales ticket booth opens at 7.30am for morning session & 5.30pm for evening session. Need to buy in advance because only 300 tickets available. The price RM10 per head with 5-7min ride. Also very much depend on weather for riding. Nice experience that I ever had during this visit. Good to be here, see you next year, Bubye~ xD

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pyramid Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid

I was invited by a friend for ice Skating recently back last month. Before I agree to go on this outing, the fear inside me extremely hard to describe. Why? Ever since first time I been to this ice skating for first time during last 10 years back actually bring me phobia. Phobia it's not because of fear of falling down, the fear of getting embarrassing in public that is never ever have any girls, do you agree? Damn malu you know? -_-"

But this never stop me from getting myself into this sport activities again. I set a mind be simple, eager to try it on, at last I agreed to go for this ice skating outing. Pray hard that I would be ok and I should be clam while playing on this ice skating. For those people who are interested in ice activity, Sunway Pyramid is place to experience ice skating sports. Perhaps there are those among you all that used to play roller skates. You now can try the difference with ice skating. For the first time playing this sport will feel hard and you will feel envy to see other people who know how to play. But do not worry, lots of time trying and don't give up easily I bet you would be perfect like the rest =)

Main Entrance

Ice skating is a very popular activity for the youngster and even for adult. To play ice skating, we need a platform from ice so that the skate can glide on top of it. Although we do not have winter that makes a frozen lake or pool in Malaysia, we do have ice skating track in Sunway Pyramid Ice. Sunway Pyramid Ice is the first and the only Malaysia’s world-class ice sports entertainment. Located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex, Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink is a popular recreational destination in Malaysia which attracts lots of skaters each month. A good time to try and enjoy gliding on the ice surface!

Recognition and Awards  

Service Counters

Ticket counter, all the necessary items for ice skating are available here, All your have to do here get ready and be prepare to fall while you're on the ring, hehehehehe =P. If you do not like pants wet after playing, remember to bring extra pants!! I'm sure you all bring along with your belonging bags, so must be wondering where to secure your bags right? Fred not, lockers were available here too. With fee RM4 at one time you're now can store your bags securely without need to worry belonging while you're having fun!!

Gloves RM8 a pair

Excited =)

Gloves are available for sale, each pair of gloves cost RM8. Gloves, protecting your hands from freezing and injuries while you're skating. Aside also can choose you favorite color glove according to your taste. Glove are in standard size. My hand palm is bigger, so the only thing I can do is stretch the gloves. Perfectly fit into my hands. You're allow to bring your own gloves if you have at home.

Bar Code Tag

After purchasing tickets and gloves, staffs will be giving us bar code tag  to indicate you're valid for entrance pass. Sticker is more convenience for scanning bar code, just tag on your left or right wrist. All you have to do scan your tag before you go in. Wear it till you exit this ring circuit.

Skates Corner

As we walked in, next is to get a pair of skating shoes before you're able to play or dance in the ring. I'm sure everyone will have the headache of remembering your own size shoe number right? Less worry for now, as there staff will help you to determine size feet measurement at the skates corner. All you have to do just put on your naked feet on the feet measurement, staff will assign the fitting size shoes for you. Simple as ABC =)

Shoe Blade

I  took ice skating shoes, "wah, so heavy" with the blade weighted that much. Sharp blade on the shoes to hold on the ice while you're skating. I admired that much blade can actually make us glide on the ice surface smoothly. After a while blade will be blunt,  the process of sharpen needed from time to time.

Proper Wear of Skate Shoe

I'm done with my skate shoes

I have the fear in wearing this shoes. My mind was thinking "shit! how to walk with this shoes? sure walk clumsy and fall down" Make sure your legs cover by socks and wear it, after that you need to tie it tight otherwise you're in the risk of falling when the shoes is lose. Friend's concern and he check on my shoes if I have properly the tie shoes string. >.<

I enjoyed my time in ice skating, even though I'm at the novice level, I don't mind to try it. Practice makes perfect. Bear in mind you're not allow to take photos inside the ring, so no photos are taken inside the ring.  If you insist want to take photos inside the ring, there will be professional photographers to help with the perfect shoot.You need to pay for the photos at the photography counter session.

Ice Resurfacer truck

After few hours of skating, time to relax. The Ice ring will be close for resurfacing  process. The will be certain hours for resurfacing, you need to check on the time table. Ice will melt after sometimes it will be dangerous to skaters. An ice resurfacer is a truck-like vehicle use to clean and smoothen the surface of an ice ring.

Resurfacing time

Ring closed

While resurfacing, the ring will be close to an hour. Time for photos as usual.. hehehehe. Play as long as you want, bear in mind you're not allow go out of skating. Once you exit, you cannot turn back. If you're hungry a few kiosk stalls are available inside the ring area to for skaters convenience. Light food, drink or even junk food are available.

After all not bad to try on this activity, it fun to be in the cold environment of Ice. It's for everyone and suitable for family activities. For those who are interested for lesson, please refer below for more information. =)

Sunway Pyramid Ice
Address : LG3 Sunway Pyramid, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel : + 60 3 7492 6800
Fax : + 60 3 7492 2808
Contact Person
For general information, please contact : Mr. Albert - Rink Manager

For skating academy enquiry, please contact : Ms. Catherine - Skating Academy Executive