Friday, March 02, 2012

Chu15 - Part III - Sepang Gold Coast

Next destination will be resort place. Perak you will have Teluk Batik beach, whereby Selangor not bad either, famous with Golden Palm. Sepang Gold Coast is a great escape, especially if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur and wanted to do something else than shopping in the same shopping centers and same amusement centers like Suria KLCC, Pavillion or Sungai Wang Plaza. After busy weekdays in Kuala Lumpur, a break away weekend holiday within driving distance to Sepang Gold Coast, definitively is a good choice.

Signature Landmark

Sepang Gold Coast has been declared as the longest coastal paradise in Asia. Located at the Pantai Bagan Lalang which is around 60 – 75 minutes (about 80+ km) from Kuala Lumpur, 45 minutes from PutraJaya and 25 minutes from KLIA. We reached there almost 1pm, noon time and it's hot sunny day.

Nigel applying lotion =P

Emmie applying as well =P

Ambassador for this lotion xD

Applying for myself =P

Lot's of local people here as big national holiday, everywhere were crowded with people. Hardly can find parking either, drive till the end of beach to search for parking finally managed to slot in open land green field area for parking. I'm surprised that Nigel did bring his sun block. Guys would actually wear sun block? @_@ kind odd but it's ok to do so, to protect from UV. I keep on promoting his sun block haha.. cool right? Without delaying my time, I applied sun block before going out... xD

Sepang Gold Coast beach

Camping activity

Group photo

This is how Sepang Gold Coast look like. The beach is clear without any water. Everyone is walking center to the beach, taking some fresh air. Local people choose to have family picnic and camping activities for school trips. Youngsters were playing beach football, flying kites, etc etc. Some of the rules and regulations need to follow otherwise you will be fine with penalty compound. Tiny little fine sands absolutely good to reduce heat on the earth.

Warning signboard

Our foot prints

Low tide

Dry sea coz low tide

I love here xD

The beach is very clean with clear water, unlike the neighboring  beach, Port Dickson and Morib. Sepang beach is full of lively species, almost wherever you step your foot on, you’ll see crabs and various of species. Now it's low tide, we walk at least 2km out to the sea to take some photos. Aside we're also careful as high-tide water may come in very fast way!! Under hot sun it's burning. @_@

Hot burning sun

Live species

Little crabs

Home for crabs

Crabs running into water

So much crabs @_@

Water coming in

Water coming very fast

Incoming water 

Walked nearly about 2km, saw lot's of fishing nets used by fishermen for fishing crabs or sea shells. Half way through. suddenly Nigel warned us to get back to the shore as water in coming in quick way. We need to rush back immediately before the big wave of water is coming back. I had the fear of Tsunami.. -_-"

Signature 2012

June 2012 xD

I signed off here with my own signature that I landed here for year of 2012. Remarkable place to be even though it's hot, tired and exhausted but worth it. Hardly get a chance walking on the dry sea. Worth while driving here. Dunno how to get here? Fred not, below are some of the guideline for your references to Sepang Gold Coast.

How to go Sepang Gold Coast from Kuala Lumpur ?

1) Drive towards KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
2) Take note, before KLIA, there is a turning to Sepang F1 Circuit/LCCT (low cost carrier terminal)
3) Go all the way straight, as you are reaching the Sepang F1 Circuit, look for the signboard
    to turn into Sepang Gold Coast. (You would not miss it, so drive slower and keep to
    the left lane.)
4) Once you see Sepang F1 Circuit is on your right side, go straight until you see the cross
    junction traffic light, Turn right ( look for the signboard that says “Sungai Pelek”)
5) The roads will now be more narrow, just follow the signboard to “Bagan lalang, Sepang gold
    coast or Sg Pelek”.
6) After quite awhile of driving, you’ll see a sigboard to “Seri Malaysia”, follow the signboard.
    While return back to Kuala Lumpur, be-careful and don’t go take the Klang way.

Hawker Stall food

We had late lunch, by eating hawkers that is sold along the road side. Burgers RM4 each for me and Emmie, while Nigel had rojak buah RM3 as lunch. Not forgetting our cold drinks RM1 each to east our thirst under hot sun. Everyone's had red rosy cheekcs coz under sun burnt. Love you all.. Cheers xD